Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Confusing thing about people and love

I have been putting off this post for quite some time and I think its time I should write it and publish it as well.

Everyone of us wants someone who pays attention, is caring, concerned, won't be a jerk and really really likes us in the beginning. This applies truly to either sexes, guys might want to prove how macho they are and how these are all just nonsense things which they don't care about. Even they want these things and probably more than what other girls/guys do.

The relationships in the past have had a bearing in the mindset that you don't really trust anyone and find it extremely difficult to get over your ex. Everyone goes through these things. Getting over an ex, especially when the relationship has been long is hard to do. Takes time, a lot of it.

Despite, all this I fail to understand why some people don't realise that another person has these qualities that they require. They would give you proper attention, care for you, love you, help you always, be there for you no matter what happens, would feel sorry even when not at fault etc. They have all these feelings towards you which you desire. They like you from a long time and its unlikely to change anytime soon. You know how strongly they feel about you and you still go about ignoring the best thing that could possibly happen to you. Weird reasoning are not justified for not going ahead with the relationship, being scared of it turning bad isn't going to help either. Take a risk, maybe it works out for the best.

Note : This post is dedicated to S, N and P.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Link : Today's news channels!

Found this hilarious piece after my blog hopping spree. I'm certain you all would have heard the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill"? Yeah. So how would the news channels in India report it? NDTV is used here as an example but it does apply to nearly all the channels. Enjoy!

India - travels in my nightie: Two persons hurt in climbing mishap

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My least favourite word is...

...WHATEVER, which many of you are aware irks me beyond limits. So much so, people found it amusing for it to be used around me just to get a reaction from me. And its not that its used in only one context of "end of topic" but also as a method to dismiss a question asked.

Now I realised last week that am not the only one who finds the word annoying. Apparently, 47% Americans surveyed do too. Its weird in two respects :

1. My view point is shared with Americans too! I wonder if I should feel offended :p
2. The source is a college telephone poll so having them agree with what I feel is somewhat absurd for me.

The other words which made it to the most annoying list are "You know" , "It is what it is" , "Anyway" and "At the end of the day". Why would anyone be annoyed with "At the end of the day" ?! Oh I have another one "my bad" , whatever happened to a simple "SORRY"!?

[Source : Times of India]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mumbai please vote this time!

Maharashtra goes for Assembly Elections on 13th October which would determine who governs the state post 22nd October when the results would be declared. Post 26/11 Mumbai has had the Lok Sabha elections to show their need of "change" but sadly a dismal turnout of 43% turnout reflected the indifference that existed in the Mumbaikars attitude.

Hopefully things improve this time around and people go out to vote this time. There is a one day bandh as well so you can't complain about work commitments. Spotted an image courtesy The Comic Project and Arun Raveen.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poem : Real Me

Its been sometime since I wrote a poem and expressed what I felt. The feeling has changed so the genre of my poem has changed too. Its not a rhythm kind of a poem, just linking what I felt. Here it goes.

There is emptiness inside me,
There is hollowness inside me.

Feelings are just few and far between,
One being love, the other being sorrow .

You moved on, but I couldn't,
You lost the love, but I didn't.

You want me to move on, I can't,
You want me to not care, I can't.

You don't seem to care,
I wish I could do the same.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Must Read : Karan Johar is raped by MNS

Karan Johar produced, Wake Up Sid, hit the theaters yesterday but as with many other big movies in the past, it was caught in a controversy. Controversy called petty politics. Raj Thackeray run MNS created a furore with the movie mentioning Mumbai as Bombay. (Yeah that's the reason!) So much so KJ had to apologise to the politician in person and make a politically correct statement of how it could have hurt people's sentiments.

Hansal Mehta, a director himself wrote an account of what happened to him when his misinterpreted dialogue got him into a world of trouble. Read it here, Passion for Cinema.

The comments section led me to a very interesting post by Ratnakar Sadasyula, where Rabindranath Tagore's legendary poem titled "Where the mind is without fear" is shown to have relevance even today. Read it here, Sleepless in Cyberia.

Hope you enjoy both the posts and spread it along with commenting it. It doesn't take much time to express what you think and even lesser time in spreading it. Those stupid and senseless quizzes on Facebook can be played later. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 songs of the week

These are the five songs that I've been hooked to over the week :

• Enrique - Somebody's Me
• Unkle Bob - Swans
• P. Diddy - Everything I do
• Grant Lee Philips - Mona Lisa
• Massari - Real Love

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video : Motley Crue - If I die tomorrow

I've gotten fond of this song for some days now. Relate to the words and feel combination with rock makes it great to hear.

Hope ya'll like it too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

WTF is it with...

..guys holding hands?

I should make it clear before hand that am not a homophobe. I respect LGBT community and their fight for the rights that they truly deserve.

Coming back to the point, I have seen many guys holding hands while crossing the road or walking about leisurely. Well I presume they're not gay but why the F*** do you have to hold hands and move about? Many guys holding pinkies too!

You know that's all fine and acceptable until you see guys holding pinkies! Yup, holding pinkies. I mean seriously, what are you trying to do and get out of that situation? An equally stupid scenario is when two guys are holding hands and checking out girls! How heterosexual is that!

I would have to accept that I've been in such a place where this guy in my college held my hand while we were going to the college office. And it was the first year and within a second I remove my hand and asked what he was doing! He laughed it off thinking I was kidding. Mr. S, (aka condom!) I wasn't joking!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have some very bad news.

This blog is going to be on hiatus until further notice.be part of the RSS feed subscribers and email recipients or simply follow this blog to get further updates..ciao amigos!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Job Requirement : "Good communication skills"

Ever since college exams got over I've been looking for jobs. Some companies contact you directly via e-mail, some have consultants who call you/e-mail you and then there is the biggest bunch where the jobs are left for the interested job hunters to look over on job portals.

They have pretty much the same requirement in a candidate with the usual ones being :
2.Able to work in a team
3.Excellent communication skills.

The first two aspects are well and good and very much necessary but the third aspect is quite missing in the candidates and the companies alike. Any sense of sentence formation, spelling and grammar is totally invisible. I captured screenshots of three such instances (I got lazy to look for more).

(Hover over the image to zoom in and zoom out)

Urgent requirement for "Mechnical,Diploma,Sales"? "..will be knowledge of welding machines"? WTF! Also you can't suddenly start off another word with a capital letter! 31TH July and 1TH August? Bah am tired of finding flaws in these.

So if you want this job you must be "responsible, commitment, understandable and (last but not the least) good communication in English". So it doesn't matter if you have no sense of grammar or that your sentences make ZERO sense, as long as you can combine many words in English you're good! Oh by the way, its "totally a FEILD job".

There are way too many in this so I would let you all read and find out the "little" mistakes they made.

So much for our accolade of most number of English speakers than anywhere else in the world!

P.S. There are like 200 million jobs in the Insurance and BPO sector, so if you're unemployed or looking for a change and these are your area of preference then hop on to the job hunting bandwagon!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buy and Sell Gold

The economy is bad which affects the share market as well. The stock prices go low and you lose investment in huge amounts but you know where there is very little chance of losing out? The commodities exchange. Especially the buying and selling of gold. Currently the price of Rs.14,700(per 10grams) which is quite an expensive buy and its something that would most likely appreciate rather than see the red.

A site that deals in buying and selling of gold is Goldcoinsgain . Its a Century City, California headquartered company which has a long and illustrious history in gold coins and gold bullion .They would provide commendable assistance to you in making a decision keeping in mind the global economic conditions be it an oil spill in the middle east or currency problems.

They have great service of delivering gold to you right where you want it, even if you are California based or anywhere in the country. So you could be a single person or a family or part of an institution you can always call up Aurum Advisors for your needs to buy bullion or buy gold bullion which would eventually help your portfolio and add to your wealth.

P.S. Aurum is the Latin word for Gold. Never knew that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna : Will it work?

Rajeev Khandelwal will host the show

Indian Television is set to copy another American show, its called 'Sach ka saamna' and would air tonight (15th July) at 10:30PM. Its a copy of the American TV show 'The Moment of Truth' which is actually not an original concept in itself. Its a copy of Colombian, Nada más que la verdad ("Nothing More than the Truth") which has been exported to 46 countries in total. But we're aware of the American version which aired some months back on Star World(Tuesday 9:30PM slot).

The concept of the show would be to answer a set of questions to win the jackpot of Rs.1 Crore. The contestant would have gone under a polygraph test prior to the actual airing to check his responses and the reaction of his blood pressure, pulse, respiration etc etc on the very same questions. If the answers match to the ones given before then the contestant stays on. If on the other hand, the answers do not match the contestant loses out and goes back home. Also he/she can go out by opting out before a question is asked.

What makes the game interesting is that the questions are very personal in nature.It could be about work or friends or relationship. On top of that, there are your near and dear ones sitting right opposite you to see what you answer. Its rumoured that a couple split after one episode in US where the lady(who was the contestant) made some very eye opening revelations about her past life and what she feels about her new husband.

As for the Indian version, the first few episodes would be attended by celebrities like Vinod Kambli, Urvashi Dholakia, Raja Chaudhry, Bobby Darling and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Mileage has already been given to the show with news reports claiming Vinod Kambli made some very interesting and controversial revelations about his long time buddy, Sachin Tendulkar. Where he blasted the Little Master for leaving his side when his career wasn't going well and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for being racist in handling him since he's of a different cast and colour. However, since then Kambli and show's publicist have denied anything like this happening.

What I really want to see is if this concept would be a hit here in India?
I don't think it would be. I have three reasons for it.

1.Indian population wouldn't be happy to reveal so much in their personal life even if it is to win a huge amounts of money. We still have that thing in ourselves to keep our issues to us only and not let them out. Revealing it on TV would be a great big step which not many would want to take.

2.We have so many (idiotic) outfits in our country that some or the other would oppose the show for being against our "bhartiya sabhyata". The questions are too personal and am sure there would be one religious question and there would be a huge issue. (Hey, Some idiot filed an FIR against Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna when the latter opened her husband's fly in public. Good lord!)

3.The whole polygraph test in itself doesn't look foolproof to me. There are ways it can be beaten and what is the authenticity of it anyway? People react differently to different environments even if the question is the same. This holds true for all the polygraph tests though.

What do you guys think about the whole concept? Is the money greed getting too much where we are ready to compromise on our personal life and hurt our loved ones? If given the opportunity, would you go on the show? Comment away!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Template!

Hi. I'm back! I just put this new template and I think it looks calm and sober.Something I wanted for this blog.I would be back with some posts soon too.Hang in there!

BTW, see that Sun up there? yeah? click on it! Subscription isn't as far as the Sun for us here at Le-Chronicle :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Untitled Post..

Following my previous poetic experience and the appreciation that I received through it, I thought I should put up another one. This one I thought about last night and although it isn't as good as the previous one but truly reflects what I feel.

So here I go.

Always thought big serious relationships were hoax,
Always thought real love was an imaginary thing,
Always thought those words they use are too mushy...

Now I sit here waiting to hear those 3 mushy words,
From the one I truly love,
Wanting a serious relationship lasting forever and ever...

Not really a poem but its not like am running a poem writing competition in here!

Btw, how did you guys find it?Like it?Don't like it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Football in the Park and the problems!

Many of the regulars would be aware that am a footie fanatic and to those who are new,welcome and you should know am a football fan.

So yeah we play football in our colony park almost every evening and its good fun except for when I lose and the muddy playing area.

First of all I would like to describe the parks situation in my colony.There are two parks right opposite each other.One is a small park with swings for kids and a walking area for right around it.The other park is where we play which is bigger and also has a sidewalk around it and a partition between it so we play football on one side and there are 2 badminton courts on the other side. So I hope you get the picture.

Now to the problems.For some weird reason unknown to me,the oldies prefer to walk right through the middle of the park when we're playing rather than using the sidewalk.One particular lady who does this everyday explains walking on the grass is good for the body.What confuses me about this reasoning is the fact that there is no freakin' grass from where you're walking!
Also,the sidewalk areas make for the goals so many a times it happens that the ball goes at pace but misses them by a mile and their atrocious reasoning goes "Mujhe lag jaati toh?" and when it does hit them ,it goes "Tumhare sorry bolne se kya hoga.Tum toh bol ke nikal jaoge,pain toh humein hoga na!".My advice to them,"If you know that we don't care why the hell are you yelling at us and why don't you walk in the opposite park!"

Which is what lead to the whole point of this post.We/I got into an argument with three aunties over the ball hitting them/not hitting them and their great reasoning skills.I suggested they walk in the other park and one lady's response was,"We don't want to get hit by the swings as they go really high and besides the kids are taken care of by the maids there,we don't want to walk with the maids". So basically you would brave the football coming at pace than swings which may or may not be used.And the worst part of the reasoning,aren't maids kept by you only? Aren't they human too? Do you not stay in the same house as them and they take care of YOUR children and you talk of them as if they are some sort of untouchables? My three lettered response to those aunties,WTF!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go Read These!

My writers block and laziness continues so here you go with more links/posts to read while I think of something to blog about it.Well I do have a topic but laziness persists. :D

Is Twitter killing blogging?

Zoozoos a new concept?

Interesting conversation with a Mumbai cabbie - Part 1

Look forward to updates very soon..Very very soon! Probably tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Untitled Post

Its been long I blogged here and blogged about my personal life too. Although am suffering from a writers block + laziness so all my intended blog ideas are still pending. Today I will break the laziness pattern and also blog about my personal life and enter a new territory of writing called POETRY. I've never done poetry so spare the criticism if it isn't perfect or even close to being good. But here we go...

Even though we are not sailing smoothly,
Even though there is no perfect connection,
Even though there is no telepathy.

Days go by without hearing each others' voice,
Months go by without seeing each other,
Messages are the only source of contact.

Despite all this I love it when you laugh,
Love it when you giggle,
Love it when you call to say you're scared,
Love it when we argue over stupid things.

You can make anyone laugh with your laugh,
You can make anyone smile with your words,
You can make anyone feel comfortable in your presence,
You can make anyone feel nice about their rotten day,
You can make anyone watch Disney channel,
You can make anyone crave to be with you.

I love you! And I think she knows who it is for.

P.S. I know sucky poetry but did the best I could :S Hope you liked it :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Check this Facebook page of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!

[Source : The Vigil Idiot]

Another one on Mahabharata can be seen here.

Both are absolutely amazing! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I came across this video while checking out my RSS feeds. We have the Indian version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' in the form of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'.

I think KBC has had only one Crorepati in its life (counting only the adults version and not the kids version and Rs.1 Crore as the ultimate bounty) in the form of Harshvardhan Navathe.

I like this video because the guy is just too smartly confident and it makes you smile.Enjoy :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

National anthem before a movie?

The first movie that I saw outside Delhi was Gupt in Jaipur.My favourite Hindi suspense movie although it was ruined by my brother because he told me who the killer is in the intermission because he happened to know it and wanted the suspense ruined for me too.(Yeah older siblings can be like that!) This was when I was very young,maybe when I was 10.

The second experience happened when I watched Taare Zameen Par in Mumbai. Me and Parinita went for the movie at Chitra. The tickets were cheap as it was the morning show(unlike Delhi,godamn ripoffs here!) and the seats were good and comfortable too.

The usual waiting for the movie to start was taking place when suddenly the national anthem started playing and everyone stood up.I was confused what was happening.There is no national anthem played here before a movie,heck the last time I heard the national anthem before me was in school! Not only was the national anthem playing something new for me but also the feeling of seeing everyone standing up was thrilling.Even the rowdiest of the lot were standing as a mark of respect.

Now I thought,it was just a small theaters thing and it won't happen everytime and not in a multiplex for sure.I was wrong.The national anthem played at PVR too when we went to see Madagascar 2.So it was playing in small and big theaters both and irrespective of the language of the movie.

Am not saying I didn't like it and think it was great.I just think is this the best form of showing respect to your nation,before a movie? I bet not even half of them would even watch the parade on the 26th of January or be up early for the flag hoisting on 15th August.So what is the purpose or the essence of having this national anthem before a movie?

Also,since I've not seen movies anywhere else so would love to hear if the national anthem is played before a movie in your town or no? Even if you're outside India,do you have your national song played before a movie?Would love to know :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 things you would do if you were the CM

This year there are elections being held in many many countries over the world.World's largest democracy,India, is going for the general elections too. So how about keeping in sync with the politics and welfare of the people saga,we have a list of something to that effect.

The idea of the list is to put together five things that you would do for your state/city as a chief minister/mayor in the order of preference.You have to mention the city/state that you represent and state the 3 things you would do.That's it.And ofcourse tag someone.

So here it goes :

City : New Delhi,India
  1. Improve the transportation system which is a huge mess.

  2. Promote usage of public transport instead of dependence on respectively owned automobiles or even usage of carpools.

  3. Security for women.Its a very important thing for me.

That's my 3 most important tasks in order of preference if I were the chief minister.

I tag Parinita, Karishma and Esha.If more of you want to use it then that'd be great,just leave a link in the comments so we can see too. :D

The other tag post that I wrote,which you can still use on your respective blog locations :
5 Things you didn't know about my younger self

Monday, April 20, 2009

Go read these!

I found these on my RSS feed and found them to be must share. Just click on the links and they would take you to the full story.You can leave comments here too :D

1.Predatory Taxation

- How different are Obama's policies and ideas than that of the mortgage seller who promised cheap mortgages on home purchases?

2.Great Indian Soap Opera Plot Generator

- How do you create an indian soap opera in these recession filled times? Just follow the guidelines and you're good to go!

Do you want to submit any links that I should mention here? See that "Contact Me" link up there,yeah? Just click on that and mention the details on the subsequent page and I would reply to you :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Britain's got talent

I'm sure everyone has seen this video of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.If you haven't then you :

1.are not from this planet
2.don't watch news much
3.have very few sharing friends
4.turn on the internet,check your mail and your facebook/orkut/myspace(seriously myspace?) and get out
5.you don't care about the mail,you just check facebook/orkut/myspace!(god help you!)
6.need to tell me how you landed up here!? Am I this popular?

OK enough rambling.I would help you get outta that shell,so here you go.

Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing - Watch more Funny Videos

This lady was laughed at and made fun of by audience,hosts and judges alike but hey awesome voice,eh?Watch out for the bit where she starts singing and Simon's eyebrows go up.Classic! She's tipped to be in the running to win the whole show already.

What d'ya think?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

404 Errors

Everyone has seen those 4040 Errors which are shown when the page cannot be found.Internet Explorer shows the ugly page and you have to think what to do next.Although,some websites create a 404 page on their own.So if a person reached a dead link it would show that error and in most cases explain what to do next.It can be simple but some can be funny as well.

The 100 most funny and unusual error 404 messages


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stop Eve Teasing

I stumbled upon a page yesterday of an organisation called BLANK NOISE,which works for prevention of Sexual Harassment which is prevalent in our male dominated society.In the wake of the Afghan government legalizing 'Marital Rape' which allows the husband to rape his wife.This is highly derogatory for the females all over the world.This is how me,a male feels,just imagine how outraged the ladies would be.

Coming back to the Indian society.I don't think it would be very hard to think of a time if you've seen eve teasing taking place.Be it groping or just plain old stalking/staring/finger pointing.You could have been at the receiving end or you could have been a witness or you could have been the disgusting+filthy+pervert+a$$hole who actually did something as horrible as this.

This group/organisation aims at creating awareness about what to do in such situations.People can report any events of eve teasing and what they did about it or didn't do anything about it.Just when you think Eve-teasing is only physical,you'd be wrong.Its also the body language of the other person and many a times its verbal by passing lewd comments.

It doesn't depend if you're in a highly educated state like Kerela or a metropolis like Mumbai or a religious place like Varanasi,no place is devoid of such eve teasing and no one set of "mawali" people behind it but it can be beggar kids in the street making "fun" of the foreigners or your buildings watchman who watches you go up and come down every day or an educated person walking down the street.

The whole point of this post and the organisation is not to "let it go" which is the attitude in many such cases but to report the matter and the organisation homepage also explains how to lodge an FIR.

Remember this,not only is the victim to blame for not reporting or doing anything about Eve teasing but also the public for being just "spectators".

Do not let this continue.STOP EVE TEASING.DON'T BE A SPECTATOR.

Links :
Organisation Page

Pictures by Victims of Eve Teasing

Blank Noise on Facebook

Join the movement and spread the word.

BJP : Bhay Ho!

Its been some time since I updated anything here.Now everyday you turn on the television to catch up on the news events of the day it starts off with the Lok Sabha Elections,continues with the Lok Sabha Elections and ends with the Lok Sabha Elections.

This is an advert which recently aired on national TV by BJP going against Congress' copyrighted 'Jai Ho' campaign.Its catchy but to be honest but on the point of who I would vote for,it won't change and it might never will.I don't preach religion!

Anyway,here is the video.If its not available then let me know in comments please,BJP's online activists are "working really hard" to take them down!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Very awesome video

I saw this video on Interim thoughts.

Its a very smart and innovative take at things that matter to us or don't matter to us.
Titled : Lost Generation

Leave comments if you like it :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WTF's : Television bill for the dead and more..

WTF Section was missing last week due to busy schedule.However,I promised an update and you would get an update!


Of all things possible there is one thing that is never late and never goes missing too,and that's the BILL.Be it for telephone,TV or any other thing imaginable.However there can be the odd mistake and a bizarre one at that.

This bizarre mistake happened in Berlin,Germany where German broadcaster GEZ sent a letter to a certain mathematician by the name of Adam Ries.Adam Ries,an algebra expert,purchased the house in 1525(yes that's 484 years ago).The letter to pay the dues for TV and Radio usage was received by the owner of the club which was started in the honour of the math wiz.

Ries died in 1559 and the company was intimated of their error but still to make sure it wasn't an excuse by the club,the company sent another reminder.

Oh while we're at it,it would be interesting to note that TV was invented in 1923!

(Source : Reuters)


Emergency!Cellphone battery dead!Don't fret the phone booth is just ahead.(174 KMS ahead in this case!)

Previous WTF's :
Boy married to dog

34,000apply for best job in the world

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi : Not so much!

Just when you think the festivals bring together people and create peace and harmony,there comes along an event which shatters your belief and saddens you with the state of things in our country.Holi is the festival of colours and water and laughter for kids and adults both.

One person,however,didn't seem to enjoy these things.CNN IBN reports a fisherman in Shahdol,Madhya Pradesh shot at an 8year old little girl for an innocent act of spraying colour.The 8year old girl got injured at the time but now she's to be recovering.

The villagers beat up the fisherman before handing him over to the police.All this highlights the pathetic condition of the law in our country and how awful as human beings we've become to go to such low levels.I know some of you might say,"..we wouldn't do anything like that" but being a grown up haven't you been peeved at the kids for being so excited about Holi that they started throwing balloons even before Holi?Don't forget you were in that place some time back too.


Earth Hour : Switch off that light!

WWF(World Wildlife Fund for nature) is an environmental organisation working for the betterment of all sections of nature.From flora,fauna to fighting against global warming.Global warming is a phenomenal issue which would affect our future generations unless we act now.For this cause,WWF has urged the citizens of the world to switch off their lights for one hour on 28th March.

Earlier the event used to be on a smaller scale but this time they're trying for one billion votes.A vote here means one household switching off their lights for the entire hour.The data compiled thereafter would be presented to world leaders at Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

Just when you think that this is all crap and no one does anything?There is startling piece of data which would change your perception.In 2007,(when the movement started) 2.2million people in Sydney switched off their lights.And in 2008,the number increased to a whooping 50million and included the likes of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square.

In India,Earth Hour's initiative is spearheaded by Amir Khan who had this to say :
Climate Change is undoubtedly and regrettably, the biggest immediate long-term environmental challenge we face. A failure to come to sound policy outcomes on climate change will not only have a negative environmental impact but also social and economic consequences for all of us. Stand up and join us in the fight against climate change. Support Earth Hour.

Wipro, ITC Welcome group, Indian Hotels, HUDCO, HSBC, Google, Standard Chartered India, HP and PVR Films are among those taking part in the ‘Earth Hour’ 2009 campaign in India.

So remember these important details :
Date : March 28th,2009
Day : Saturday
Time : 8:30 PM-9:30 PM

Information : Earth Hour

Related Post : Global Warming

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Notification : Apology

I would like to apologise to my readers about the missing WTF SECTION post for today.Have been really busy with things but promise to have a post next Sunday.However,do look forward to some posts in the mid-week.

Instead,why don't you savor on previous WTF posts?

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Warner Bros Poll : Really Funny!

Warner Bros will be launching another movies and entertainment channel in India on the 15th of March.Warner Bros. already have a blockbuster movie channel in the form of HBO in the country but their new brand wouldn't clash with HBO and would cater to the movie buffs with TV series and movies that go amiss.They would bring back Joey and Whose line is it anyway and movie lineup was highlighted with Lord of the Rings.

However the point of this post is to highlight the poll they are running on their website.


Now,the options make the poll funny.The options read :
a) Keanu Reeves
b) Vin Diesel
c) Kevin Costner
d) Harry Potter

I understand about Keanu Reeves(Matrix Trilogy), Vin Diesel(Too fast too furious,Fast and the Furious) and Kevin Costner's(3000 Miles to Graceland) machoness but why the bloody hell would I want a kid with a wand in his hand to save my ass?!

Who would be your pick?Leave a comment.
(Harry Potter is leading the charts at the time of writing!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WTF's : 34,000 apply for best job and more..

This is the second week of the WTF SECTION that was initiated last week.So let's get down to it without delay.


34,000 applications were received by Hamilton Island authorities based in Queensland,Australia for what is described as the "best job in the world".The job applications were received from 200 countries all over the globe with more than 11,000 applications coming from US,followed by Canada,Britain and Australia.

The deadline for the application was midnight GMT of the week ending 22nd February.The number of late applications numbered 7,500.

Criteria : The candidates were asked to send in a video of up to a minute in English giving reasons why they should be picked and are qualified for the post.Should be 18+.

Just in case you are wondering why it is the "best job in the world",the job description reads something like this.

Job Description : Soaking in the sun,swimming,snorkeling,sailing and to report to the global audiences via a weekly blog,photo diaries and video updates of how much he/she is having.

Salary and other benefits : 150,000 Australian dollars or $100,000 for six months and free airfare from the successful candidates home country to the island.The candidate would live in a multimillion dollar three bedroom beach house.

Clearly the idea is to raise the level of the tourism industry which is hit due to economic slowdown and the financial crunch.This can actually be made into a reality TV show as well but then again is this job permanent or here as well should you be afraid of getting the 'pink slip'?

(Source : AFP)


This interesting piece of weather forecasting sign board made me chuckle.I think with the magical powers of this stone it should be used instead of those boring weather segments on news channels.How accurate would the weather be!

Think there was something even more weird/absurd/bizarre than this?Was there something else which made you exclaim WTF!? Leave a comment.

First edition of WTF's!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

502 hits Gmail

Google's mail service,Gmail had been down earlier for a significant amount of time causing panic amongst the reliable mail service which started 5 years back.

Google is the ultimate service provider as the ratings have been showing with their dominance in search engine business.However,Gmail's downtime has not gone down well with Google lovers.

Their other services such as Reader,Blogger etc. were working fine.The reason is still unclear and so is the time it was down for.

The page encountered a "502 Server Error" which despite many refreshes wasn't working.

Yahoo or Hotmail anyone?

UPDATE: There was an outage of two and a half hours in parts of Asia,North America and Europe.The reason is still being investigated by Google authorities.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

WTF's: Boy married to dog and more..

From today onwards I would be starting a section on my blog entitled "WTF Section"(Yeah couldn't be easier than that!) where I would post some of the weirdest,most absurdest,most bizarre events that took place during the week but were secluded to the sides of the newspapers. This section would be updated every Sunday at noon(IST).


A little boy in Bhubhaneshwar,Orissa was married off to the neighbors' dog to prevent him from being killed by wild animals.

Now you might want to know why was he wedded off when he's underage?(let's try and ignore the fact that he's married off to a dog for now!)

The simple reason,he developed a tooth on his upper gum! The villagers apparently believe this is a bad omen and the tribal gods will bless the child and ward off any attacks by tigers and other animals in the future.

The local priest performed the marriage ritual at the temple by chanting Sanskrit hymns.The "marriage" was attended by around 150 tribals.

Although there are two positives from this WTF-ness,no dowry was exchanged and the boy can marry a human girl in the future without filing for divorce.

My questions are,Would the bitch file for monetary settlement in the future?
Can the bitch marry too without filing for divorce?

In the end,I would like to congratulate,Sagula(the groom) and Jyoti(the bride) and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

(Source : Reuters)


You know those "Dummies guide to..." books that exist which range from technological topics to adoption to anger management.The topics sometimes seem a little weird to be having a whole book about.Don't get me wrong,they are wonderful books and work for everyone; from a newbie to a professional. Although they made a little error in their Instant messaging for dummies book. Check the image below.(Click image if it isn't clear)

Think there was something even more weird/absurd/bizarre than this?Was there something else which made you exclaim WTF!? Leave a comment.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you Male or Female?

Image Source : Streaming Cups of Coffee

There are numerous ways of finding out the answer to the question on the internet by playing some quizzes,solving puzzles but how about something different?Something for a writer?Something less tedious and mind boggling?Read on.

1.Using the websites that you visit : This sites' little script checks on your browser history to analyse if the sites that you recently visited are more manly or girly.Absurd I know,but its pure fun.Click here.

My result :

2.Your blog/website address : Now I have no clue as to how this site decides if you're male or female but then again we're just having fun,right? Click here.

My Result : 99% Female.Its like its bloody accurate,bah!

3.Your written content : It seems to be a rather tried and tested method.Paste your written content and then select if its fiction/non fiction or a blog entry.Now it may depend upon the content every time.I tried by pasting the content of my Paris Hilton's "goof-up" with the British PM.

My Result :

Try the above three methods and tell me what your results were!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cricket : Adam Voges fabulous catch

I never imagined there would be a cricket related post here on my blog but then again classic events cannot be ignored,right?

Australia played New Zealand today in a T-20 game.At a crucial juncture of the game(19th over to be precise),Adam Voges took a fabulous catch on the rope.

For all those who are cricketically challenged,if you cross the boundary line then its six runs and the catch is counted invalid.For it to be a valid catch the person/fielder has to be on the playing field.As you see in the video,Voges isn't in total control of his body and is leaning towards the boundary which would have made it six runs.So he throws the ball in the air and returns to the playing field to catch it back,thus making it totally valid. Its a fabulous catch and deserves to be counted for great plays.ESPN are you listening?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Billu Barber : Reviewed

Billu Barber is the story of Billu played by Irfan Khan who is a small time barber based in Budbuda village.Income is meager as is displayed by Billu and his wife Bindiya(Lara Dutta) who somehow sustain and Billu has to keep convincing his kids' principal for more days to pay the school dues.

Things change for Billu when the country's biggest filmstar,Sahir Khan(Shahrukh Khan) reaches their village on a movie shoot.Word gets around that Billu and Sahir used to be childhood friends.This changes the attitude of the other villagers who used to mock Billu for his incapabilities to respect and school even offering to pay for their kids' education out of their fund,only with something in return - chance to meet Sahir Khan.

Bindiya loves the attention that she gets from other ladies and has no qualms about his "friendship" with Sahir Khan.Billu on the other hand gets caught up in further complication as the shoot nears completion and he still hasn't met Sahir Khan.

This makes the villagers realise that the story of him knowing Sahir Khan might just be cooked up after all,they turn hostile.Billu gets arrested and all the expensive gifts and royalties endowed upon him are taken away.

The climax of the movie is whether Billu would be able to meet his childhood friend or not.Also if he would recognise his now "just a barber" friend or not.

All in all,the movie is a Krishna-Sudama story set in present times with more style as elaborated by Shahrukh Khan's screen presence and the item numbers.Sometimes it just gets a little too slow and seems like a drag rather than keeping you intrigued and glued to your seats.

Shahrukh Khan's lip quivering speech in the end just doesn't get what it deserved.The characters could not have been related to.Item numbers could have been done away with.Shahrukh Khan isn't actually required in the movie to be honest.The movie was about the simpleness of Billu and his family and that could have been it.

If you must see it,see it for Irfan Khan's fabulous performance and for the little rib tickles here and there.Also for Deepika Padukone's item number which is a sizzler.Do look out for the scenes where Shahrukh talks about Khans in the industry and when Billu talks to a government officer if he would take bribes or no.

My rating : 2/5

Saturday, February 7, 2009

IF Slumdog Millionaire had an Indian director

Slumdog Millionaire has had resounding success all over the world.Award nominations everywhere be it for the music or the direction.The movie has 10 Oscar and 11 Bafta nominations.It has had its share of criticism from Bollywood as well as the media.

There have been many comments about the recognition and success of the movie due to its Hollywood status despite the Indian/Bollywood setting.Which has raised the question of its level of success had it indeed been made by an Indian director.

WARNING : Text below might reveal the plot of the movie.So people who aren't from this planet and have been living in a cave for the past few weeks and haven't seen the movie and plan to,then don't read as yet.Read after you have seen the movie,its a must watch.

Sooraj Barjatya

Sooraj Barjatya is the ultimate king in slow and boring family movies.

  • If Sooraj Barjatya had made this movie then the slum children would have been living all huddled up with their families.
  • Saleem and Jamal would have been living with their families and would have been stinking rich.
  • There would have been songs every now and then for no rhyme or reason!
  • The adaption of Who wants to be a Millionaire? would in itself have taken two and a half hours!
  • The character of Dev Patel would have been played by Salmaan Khan and the character would have been called Prem.

Mahesh Bhatt

  • Mahesh Bhatt or Bhat(whichever he prefers now!) would have launched a ravishing girl in the movie.
  • Freida Pinto would have worn some very questionable outfits in the movie.
  • Here,the character of Dev Patel would have been played by Emraan Hashmi.
  • Character of Dev Patel would first love Freida Pinto's character but then would fall out of love and find someone else.Then he would realise how its all been a big mistake and beg for forgiveness.
  • The music would be totally fabulous,not sure if the same could be said for the movie though.

Ram Gopal Verma

  • The movie would come and go and you wouldn't have a clue!
  • The attempts to scare people in the gun battles and eye destruction would have been rather funny.
  • Instead of appearing on the show to win a million bucks,character of Dev Patel would have joined a gang and engulfing in fierce gun battles with other groups.
  • Freida Pinto's character would have been played by Urmila Matondkar.
  • The slum kids would have rather preferred to take autographs of Daud Ibrahim than Amitabh Bachchan!

Now I wonder whose version would the audience prefer,Danny Boyle's or the Indian directors?Let me know!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chetan Kunte v/s NDTV

I have had a dismal evening courtesy the story that I first read on Desipundit and then covered on various blogs and condemned by various bloggers.

I would not like to go on the nitty-gritty of the situation right now but would ask you,as a reader,to click on the following link and check what other esteemed bloggers had to say of how NDTV used its might as a media conglomerate to overpower a blogger about NDTV's irresponsible media coverage during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

Chetan Kunte v/s NDTV

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paris Hilton changes British PM

Yep! That's what I wanted to say after reading what Paris Hilton had to say while launching her new TV show Paris Hilton's British best friend.

I'm sure many of you would be aware of Paris Hilton and her knowledge levels or lack of it for that matter.She however went a step further this time.

She thinks British PM and the address at 10 Downing Street has been taken over by chef Gordon Ramsay!Yep Gordon Ramsay of the Hell's Kitchen fame is the British PM as per the hotel heiress.

She was in London to promote the show and told reporters “I love Britain. London is my favourite city in the world.” But when asked if she knew the PM, she replied, “Yes, it’s Gordon Ramsay, isn’t it?"

And that's not the end of it.She has no clue what PINT means and/or what ESSEX is either.
"No, I’ve not heard of a pint — what it that? Is it beer?” is what she had to say.

I have to ask my readers now,do you know who the British PM is?Do Not Google!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Worst Hindi Lyrics of all times

Remember those times where legendary artists like Sahir Ludhiyanvi,Anand Bakshi,Gulzar etc would produce memorable classics with their lyrics for classics like Mere dil mein aaj kya hai,Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho,Is mod se jaate hain to name a few.This does not go to show that all songs were with fabulous and memorable lyrics.

There have been instances where the lyrics have just made the song "memorable" but for the wrong reasons.Some of them are mentioned below and I tried to rank them in order of their annoyingly funny nature but wasn't able to do that as many of them are neck and neck.Remember,they are just the worst lyrics and not dependent upon their videos and/or music. So without further ado lets get on with it.

1.Main ladki pom pom (Hera Pheri) - This movie was hilarious and ironically same can be said for its music.Especially this song.God knows what the movie makers and lyricists had in mind when adding this song to the movie.Tabu trying to seduce Sunil Shetty in this song.Really? With these lyrics?

2.Arey ek hain anaar yahan (Dulaara) - The title of the track doesn't ring a bell?How about if you hear the song till the first paragraph which says "Meri pant bhi sexy,meri shirt bhi sexy.." and goes on to describe everything he(picturised on Govinda)is wearing as SEXY.Sometimes it sounds like a salesman is making desperate efforts to sell something!

3.Main toh raste se ja raha tha (Coolie No.1) - The first three lines of the song read
raste se ja raha thaa, bhelapoori kha raha thaa,
ladaki ghuma raha thaa,
tujhako mirchi lagi to main kya karoon

I was all fine till "..ladki ghuma raha tha" but then mirchi ka topic kaha se aaya? and then there is another line in between which goes "..teri naani mari toh main kya karu".This is just outrightly dumb and confusing,where did the Naani come from and why does she have to die?

4.Hallo Hallo (Wah tera kya kehna) - What remote sense does "Hallo Hallo" make and is it supposed to rhyme with something? A line reads "Main Poti Pataoonga Magar Hullu Hullu Hullu Hullu",does it mean quickly?I wonder who would know that except for Sameer!

5.Javed bhai so re le (Jaani dushman) - This song is about how a bhai called Javed is soundly sleeping and the rest of the colony is up.Yeah and you thought there couldn't be songs for every mood or action!This made me think if Javed bhai is a reincarnated version of Kumbhkaran who keeps sleeping for long periods and wouldn't get up even with the sounds of doldrums! The doldrums in this case being the mental agony you would have to go through to hear this song!

6.Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo (Mr and Mrs.Khiladi) - What a weird comparison! Its like a foodie's valentines day song!While researching on this song I read how lyricist think of never before used words to add in a song but this is going a bit too far!

7.Mere baap ki beti (Chal mere bhai) - This song teaches the little kids about names of the relationships."Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti,Mere baap ki bibi mujhe beta bolti,Meri maa ka bhai mujhe bhaanja bolta,Mere bhai ki beti mujhe chacha bolti".Tere baap ki beti tujhe bhai hi bulayegi na!Nonsense lyrics but with a teaching purpose.Hmmm...

8.Telephone dhun mein (Hindustani) - This Kamal Hasan movie had this song picturised on Manisha Koirala.If we were to believe the lyrics which go like "telephone dhun mein hasne wali,mebourne machhli machalne wali,digital mein sur hai tarasha,madonna hai ya natasha" then does she laugh like "tring-tring"? And her voice has been composed in digital technology,like how the MTNL operator who says "All lines in this route are busy"?

9.Ek chumma tu mujhko (Chhote Sarkar) - Yes this is another Govinda song in the list.Am sorry that Govinda manages to be in this list so many times(thrice!)but it cannot be helped.With lyrics like "Ek chumma tu mujhko udhaar deyi de aur badle mein UP,Bihar leyi le" where a kiss is being considered worth both UP and Bihar.Mayavati and Nitish Kumar wouldn't be impressed!Just when you think the absurdness with this song ends,you think wrong!There was a case pending against Govinda in Jharkhand court for demeaning the states of the country!

10.Emosanal Attyachaar (Dev D) - This modern day Devdas is what inspired me to make this list.I don't understand what this song is trying to show!I mean which emotion(not emoosan!)is it trying to depict?If you find out then please leave a comment.

These were the worst lyrics in my view till now which I could remember and research upon.Are there any you don't agree with?Did I miss out on any song which you think is even more bizarre?Leave a comment!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

FA Cup on Indian TV

FA Cup is the premier competition for all clubs in England,which means not only the elite ones like Chelsea,Manchester United,Liverpool get to participate but even the lesser known like West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers who have been giving the Premiership sides a run for their money with the number of trophies won.

India has been a progressive football loving nation in recent times with Cricket still leading the way.(..by far!)ESPN and Star Sports had been the big daddies in broadcasting English and Spanish Leagues and UEFA Champions League in India.

Newly borns,Ten Sports and Neo Sports were not to be outdone as they came up with Serie A(Italian League),Bundesliga(German League),French League,Scottish League.Ten Sports also got the rights to broadcast Champions League in the Indian sub-continent which has been a disaster for me as a viewer with awful coverage and disastrous commentary service.Along with that,Zee Sports isn't available on TATA Sky so the choice of watching either of the two football matches has been confined to just one match which majorly happens to be an English side which also confines the concept of "European" football.

The same scenario has happened with FA Cup now with the rights being taken over by Sony Pix.The channel premierly deals in movie content.FA Cup rights were earlier held by ESPN and Star Sports.What annoys me the most is why would a channel acquire the rights and not show any matches to earn their money back.Right now they have the prospect and chances of airing 3 consecutive football matches of FA Cup but they would be airing only 1,which isn't confirmed either.

So all you football fans in India of the oldest football competition in the world,its a no show until things improve!(read ESPN Star reacquiring the rights!)

Link which would come in handy : Sony Pix's FA Cup schedule

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire's success and Big B's views

I'm sure everyone is aware of Slumdog Millionaire's stupendous success in Europe and America with awards at Golden Globes and nominations for the BAFTA awards and the expectancy for Oscars thereafter.If you aren't aware then click here.

What has created far greater media furor is not the movie itself but how Amitabh Bachchan criticised the movie on his blog and his comments have not gone down well with many of the film critics.

Amitabh Bachchan had earlier said :

"If SM projects India as Third World dirty under belly developing nation and causes pain and disgust among nationalists and patriots, let it be known that a murky under belly exists and thrives even in the most developed nations. Its just that the SM idea authored by an Indian and conceived and cinematically put together by a Westerner, gets creative Globe recognition. The other would perhaps not."

I do not agree with The Big B's views like many others.Am the kind of people who would call a spade,a spade.If India is a third world country,it is a third world country.Its not that only the under developed countries are portrayed as poor in the movies,there have been many instances of developed countries being shown as under bellied too.The best example that comes to mind is,Erin Brockovich or The Pursuit of Happyness.Both of these movies showed how hard it was for the family to make ends meet.

Other point which he mentioned about the idea being used by the Westerner gets global recognition whereas the same cannot be said about an Indian doing the same.I wonder if any Indian film maker would move on from their concepts of love stories and "rona dhona" to interesting concepts as these.

P.S.Dharavi,the biggest slum in Asia is in Mumbai.Lets not forget the truth rather than reflect only upon the flowery picture of developing India.

What are your views on Big B's comments?

In the end,I would like to wish good luck to the whole crew of Slumdog Millionaire for the releasing of the movie in India on January 23rd and the awards nominations thereafter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year..I'm Back!

First of all,Happy New Year to all of my remaining blog readers (..and other people who I would harass to read!) I know I'm VERY late in wishing everyone that but I have been lazy.(Others might say there were busy but why lie,right?)

Secondly,since I'm back and have time on my hands along with ideas for some posts up my sleeve so keep checking back to see updates or why not subscribe via RSS or Email

But what about equality?

AIt is around 1.30 PM in Delhi. The heat is at its peak and it is not even May yet. People have been waiting at the bus stop for quite a wh...