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Worst Hindi Lyrics of all times

Remember those times where legendary artists like Sahir Ludhiyanvi,Anand Bakshi,Gulzar etc would produce memorable classics with their lyrics for classics like Mere dil mein aaj kya hai,Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho,Is mod se jaate hain to name a few.This does not go to show that all songs were with fabulous and memorable lyrics.

There have been instances where the lyrics have just made the song "memorable" but for the wrong reasons.Some of them are mentioned below and I tried to rank them in order of their annoyingly funny nature but wasn't able to do that as many of them are neck and neck.Remember,they are just the worst lyrics and not dependent upon their videos and/or music. So without further ado lets get on with it.

1.Main ladki pom pom (Hera Pheri) - This movie was hilarious and ironically same can be said for its music.Especially this song.God knows what the movie makers and lyricists had in mind when adding this song to the movie.Tabu trying to seduce Sunil Shetty in this song.Really? With these lyrics?

2.Arey ek hain anaar yahan (Dulaara) - The title of the track doesn't ring a bell?How about if you hear the song till the first paragraph which says "Meri pant bhi sexy,meri shirt bhi sexy.." and goes on to describe everything he(picturised on Govinda)is wearing as SEXY.Sometimes it sounds like a salesman is making desperate efforts to sell something!

3.Main toh raste se ja raha tha (Coolie No.1) - The first three lines of the song read
raste se ja raha thaa, bhelapoori kha raha thaa,
ladaki ghuma raha thaa,
tujhako mirchi lagi to main kya karoon

I was all fine till "..ladki ghuma raha tha" but then mirchi ka topic kaha se aaya? and then there is another line in between which goes "..teri naani mari toh main kya karu".This is just outrightly dumb and confusing,where did the Naani come from and why does she have to die?

4.Hallo Hallo (Wah tera kya kehna) - What remote sense does "Hallo Hallo" make and is it supposed to rhyme with something? A line reads "Main Poti Pataoonga Magar Hullu Hullu Hullu Hullu",does it mean quickly?I wonder who would know that except for Sameer!

5.Javed bhai so re le (Jaani dushman) - This song is about how a bhai called Javed is soundly sleeping and the rest of the colony is up.Yeah and you thought there couldn't be songs for every mood or action!This made me think if Javed bhai is a reincarnated version of Kumbhkaran who keeps sleeping for long periods and wouldn't get up even with the sounds of doldrums! The doldrums in this case being the mental agony you would have to go through to hear this song!

6.Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo (Mr and Mrs.Khiladi) - What a weird comparison! Its like a foodie's valentines day song!While researching on this song I read how lyricist think of never before used words to add in a song but this is going a bit too far!

7.Mere baap ki beti (Chal mere bhai) - This song teaches the little kids about names of the relationships."Mere baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti,Mere baap ki bibi mujhe beta bolti,Meri maa ka bhai mujhe bhaanja bolta,Mere bhai ki beti mujhe chacha bolti".Tere baap ki beti tujhe bhai hi bulayegi na!Nonsense lyrics but with a teaching purpose.Hmmm...

8.Telephone dhun mein (Hindustani) - This Kamal Hasan movie had this song picturised on Manisha Koirala.If we were to believe the lyrics which go like "telephone dhun mein hasne wali,mebourne machhli machalne wali,digital mein sur hai tarasha,madonna hai ya natasha" then does she laugh like "tring-tring"? And her voice has been composed in digital technology,like how the MTNL operator who says "All lines in this route are busy"?

9.Ek chumma tu mujhko (Chhote Sarkar) - Yes this is another Govinda song in the list.Am sorry that Govinda manages to be in this list so many times(thrice!)but it cannot be helped.With lyrics like "Ek chumma tu mujhko udhaar deyi de aur badle mein UP,Bihar leyi le" where a kiss is being considered worth both UP and Bihar.Mayavati and Nitish Kumar wouldn't be impressed!Just when you think the absurdness with this song ends,you think wrong!There was a case pending against Govinda in Jharkhand court for demeaning the states of the country!

10.Emosanal Attyachaar (Dev D) - This modern day Devdas is what inspired me to make this list.I don't understand what this song is trying to show!I mean which emotion(not emoosan!)is it trying to depict?If you find out then please leave a comment.

These were the worst lyrics in my view till now which I could remember and research upon.Are there any you don't agree with?Did I miss out on any song which you think is even more bizarre?Leave a comment!


  1. I totally totally disagree with you. Such songs are so much FUN! Oh my lord seriously. It's even more fun to sing them aloud in public places. I've not heard of some of the songs on your list but they sound great! And the rest of the songs that I HAVE heard of - so so so funny!

    And as much as I love all of them, Emosanal Atyachar is my absolute favourite.

    Tauba tera jalwa
    Tauba tera pyaar
    Tera emosanal atyachaar!

  2. Like I mentioned,its not about the music or their picturisation.Its about how horrible the lyrics are!Or how bizarre,whichever you call

  3. They may be funny but they're absurd which is the whole point of this post.

  4. lol i guess i agree with both of u...
    such songs are fun.. but its the same thing as when u laugh at a person not because they are funny but becoz they are making a fool of themselves..
    lol so i agree that they are fun but as tanuj said.. the lyrics are horrible...

  5. Exactly the point Ekansh.Song might be fun,lyrics aren't!

  6. 'Emosanal atyachar' is good.

    Btw have you heard this song with Meghna Naidu in the video - it goes something like 'Soda daalke ice maarke'

  7. Lol.No SMM I haven't but the title itself sounds hilarious.I would search for it now.
    Soda daal ke ice maar ke *goes into a laughing fit*

  8. Well Tanuj, there may be thousand hindi songs or more which are written bereft of any meaning.. What you have compiled here is good but yea some of these songs are fun.!
    Infact all of Govinda's songs in those 90's movies comprise of senseless lyrics..
    ankhiyon se goli maare..nd all..

    Another song which ought to be mentioned here is Dil dance maare re from Tashan..

  9. I absolutely agree with you there Aditi.Govinda and David Dhawan combination did produce some atrocious lyrics.
    I didn't think Dil Daance maare was that absurd to very honest.I mean it wasn't totally full of horrible lyrics that I looked out for.

  10. Yeah, the Govinda-David Dhawan combo takes the cake for appaling and at time funny lyrics.

    But, at the same time I'm disappointed to see Emosanal Atyachar in the list.

    Seriously... I think it's a too-good lyrics. Yes, it is bizzare, no doubt about that, but that's the fun!!!

    anyway, things like this are very much subjective. I, personally feel "pappu can't dance sala" very stupid, but who cares...


  11. I wonder how great it would have been if Dhawan-Govinda were a music composing combination.How "interesting" would that have been!

    I have been told many a times by people about Emosanal atyachar being a fun song,I never questioned that.I giggled a lot when I heard the song but that wouldn't take away the fact of the lyrics being bizzare!

    I could have included "Pappu Can't Dance Saala" only for the amazing analogy in the 2nd paragraph and I love the choreography!(I know choreography isn't the agenda of this list but worthy of the mention,isn't it?)

  12. how bout ek ganpat chal daroo la. Quite a catchy track albeit weird

  13. Possibly but not weird enough I guess. It is catchy for sure and has a fictitious character in the song itself! But I don't think its terribly bizarre to be part of this "elusive" list.

  14. I totally disagree with you:
    Emosional Atyaachaar should most certainly not be on the list, transcending as it does established boundaries of propriety, conformity and yes, sobriety.
    To quote the master:
    "sapne dekhe jannat ke,
    par mitti mein mil jaen,
    phooken re ghar baar ki duniya..
    ko bole good bye..
    Chad jae haye Allah,
    jisko bhi yeh bukhaar"

    and then the clincher:
    "Bol bol why did you ditch me? Zindagi bhi le le yaar kill me"
    sheer genius: angsty, raw, and unrepentant.
    This is exhilirating stuff!
    Surely you cannot fail to be moved by such pathos?

  15. Nirvana, Well I didn't reach the lyrics and paragraphs you mentioned and to be very honest, didn't analyse the lyrics with such in-depth as you mentioned. Even though I still think the two lines of :

    "Tauba tera jalwa, Tauba tera pyaar..
    Tera emosanal atyachaar"

    are very funny and ridiculous to me but the other lines may not suggest the same.

  16. Hi!

    | Tauba | tera | jalwa | - |
    | Tauba | tera | pyaar | - |
    | Tera -|emosanal atyachaar|

    I guess the Lyricist used "Tera emosanal atyachaar!" as a 5th line.

    And this is a perfect too.

    [3 repeats]
    raste se ja raha thaa...
    bhelapoori kha raha thaa...
    ladaki ghuma raha thaa...

    tujhako mirchi lagi to main kya karoon <--- 5th line

    Those are not according to the Ghazal, Ballads, Blues formulas but perfect POP song writing.


  17. Haha, I wonder how they are added to the Pop song category :)

  18. no offenses please.

    As I can guess "Bollywood", where only best survives, they risked their money. So... I guess they have calculated, analyzed more than we possibly can.


  19. POP
    Basic Technical Theory:
    Drum (Kick Drum) around or more than 90 decibel for not Home Speakers.

    Any lyrics or music that fits into the formula.

  20. Genial brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  21. karele ki hogai sagai sajan ghar nachan ko chali aayi (wah tera kya kehna)


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