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Five Things You Didn't Know About My Younger Self

Hey my blog information reads I write about anything that catches my attention and interests me.So this post would signify I pay good amount of attention to myself and I take interest in myself.

Actually I have been tagged by Parinita Shetty so I am writing about myself now.Has been long I've done that though..

1.My birth was premature so I was a complicated creature from the very onset of my descend upon this planet.And since it was premature there were a few "abnormalities".I was not as healthy and height wasn't like other babies.Describing it to me my parents had an interesting similie to use.They say I looked like a "little rat" and by no means is it in relation to my character but to my short short body.

Yeah it isn't a great comparison!

2.I had a thing for sliding down the stairs handle.Well the handle was built only after I fell down the stairs which didn't have a handle before.Apparently the athleticism in me isn't new.It continued with the …

Mumbai's tag of global city is hit

I am sure many of you would be aware of the vandalizing nature of MNS(Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena) chief,Raj Thakrey and his men and seen their acts of hurting North Indian's on the reason of protecting the "Marathi Manus".

Times of India had an article running today (Sunday Times,02 November,Delhi Edition) showing how what we earlier thought was limited to political games has actually hit the mindset of the local people too.These aforementioned article bears some startling incidents which would make any Indian bow his/her head in shame and question the country's "biggest democracy" stance which we somehow are very proud of.

Mumbai: ‘‘Loud discussions have given way to whispers... that’s what’s really scary,’’ is how a north Indian techie who has spent the better part of his life in Mumbai described the new mood in the city. The divisiveness, which began as a political tamasha a few weeks ago and spiralled into violence, has begun to slowly but steadily seep …