WTF is it with...

..guys holding hands?

I should make it clear before hand that am not a homophobe. I respect LGBT community and their fight for the rights that they truly deserve.

Coming back to the point, I have seen many guys holding hands while crossing the road or walking about leisurely. Well I presume they're not gay but why the F*** do you have to hold hands and move about? Many guys holding pinkies too!

You know that's all fine and acceptable until you see guys holding pinkies! Yup, holding pinkies. I mean seriously, what are you trying to do and get out of that situation? An equally stupid scenario is when two guys are holding hands and checking out girls! How heterosexual is that!

I would have to accept that I've been in such a place where this guy in my college held my hand while we were going to the college office. And it was the first year and within a second I remove my hand and asked what he was doing! He laughed it off thinking I was kidding. Mr. S, (aka condom!) I wasn't joking!


  1. Hahaha, you are so right.
    It happens a lot in the middle east, between Asian guys..
    You go down to the mall and see all the guys holding hands - its a bit creepy - all of them can't be gay!

  2. We are so sexist aren't we? If women can hold hands, why can't men?

  3. @ The Girl, Wow I thought it was an Indian thing. Or are we expanding our influence! :p

  4. @Esha, I have no problem with either guys holding hands or girls holding hands as long as its as per their sexual orientation. When they're straight and walking about holding their pinkies and checking out girls, that's where it gets utterly bizarre!

  5. I'm sure most if not all those guys would be horrified at the prospect of being considered gay. An insult to their manhood. Oh the horror.

  6. @Pari, Yeah well men being men. FYI, its not a universal thing before anyone starts judging me. :p

  7. lol. I agree. It does look weird!

  8. Wow more and more agreements. Thank you @ash. :)

  9. Ah.. one of those things I could deliver an enthusiastic 10 minute long rant about. And really, women walking around with fingers linked would probably evoke the same response from me.. btw, love the guy's expression!

  10. I've not seen any girls holding hands. Which is quite strange coz am sure that happens a lot! Yeah the guy is wondering "wtf am I doing wrong here!"


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