Friday, June 28, 2013

Takeaways: Before Sunset

I was watching Before Sunset and I came across the following exchange which immediately struck a chord with me, my thought process and my life.

I mean, I always feel like a freak

because I'm never able to move on like...

...this! You know.

People just have an affaire, or

even... entire relationships...

They break up and they forget!

They move on like they would

have changed a brand of Cereals!

I feel I was never able to forget

anyone I've been with.

Because each person have...

you know,

specific qualities.

You can never replace anyone.

What is lost is lost.

Each relationship, when it ends,

really damages me.

I haven't fully recovered.

That's why I'm very careful with

getting involved, because...

It hurts too much!

Even getting laid!

I actually don't do that...

I will miss of the person

the most mundane things.

Like I'm obsessed with little things.

(Script source)

This immediately reminded of all of them. How there is one little thing that I remember about everyone. Be it positive or negative, something that I can associate with each one of them.

Worst was when X moved on "like changing a brand of cereal". 

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