Friday, October 31, 2008

Russell Peters--L-L-I-I-V-E-E-E

Russell Peters came back to Delhi on the 29th.We had gone to see him perform last year at the Sai Auditorium and it was great fun.Totally worth the value and money and well the hype for us all.It had started late but it was compensated with a fabulous laugh riot.

This year it was at a different venue(meaning more seats) and the ticket prices had shot up(inflation/financial crisis here too?).The hype was the same,the expectations were the same.Despite the bigger venue and bigger audience,the crowd management on the part of DNA Networks was absolutely awful.There was a single queue for nearly 700 odd people who had come to watch the show.People would join in the middle and like how we did,found someone we knew and stood with them.VOILA,we're inside the premises in 5minutes which otherwise would have taken not less than half an hour.

The show was to start at 6:00PM SHARP,well that's what the tickets said.We were inside the auditorium hall 5minutes before 6.Made our way to the first floor and after being guided to our side of the hall by the escorts we were seated.We didn't like our seats,they were too far from the stage and had a weird angle.Although after much bickering and smiling at the security guard of the better wing by the girls to get better seats failed,we decided to stay put.Show started at 6,45 with an opening act by Rusty Dooley.He took the stage and got hold of the mic and that's where the event started to go horribly wrong.The speakers were echoing and that made the whole concept of "stand up comic" a complete disaster.(Yes the title signifies the echo in the LIVE show!)

After Rusty's act,there was a huge round of applause for the man himself.RUSSELL PETERS! There were screams from our wing and the other wing about the sound issue as one guy in our wing put it,"We hear three of you!",to which came the reply,"You hear three of me?Dude,stop drinking that much!".LOL.

He made fun of how Bangalore has banned dancing(Yes,many of us aren't aware of that but that indeed is true.WTF!)and there is no restriction on Pee-ing in public! LOL.
He also picked on Aishwarya Rai and said,“Aishwarya Rai is a beautiful stunning woman to look at. But she can’ act worth a shit. She should be better left to do only endorsements because of her beauty,”.LOL.
Another joke,which shows how observant he is of Indian people is the joke on men holding hands or pinkies to be very clear and trying to be all macho and checking out girls in the process.Its too hilarious to even imagine,let alone witness it being performed.

He rounded off the evening with his great joke on the comparison between Indian Parents and their kids against Canadian Parents and their kids,famously known as "Somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad".(See Video below)

Friday, October 3, 2008

But what about equality?

AIt is around 1.30 PM in Delhi. The heat is at its peak and it is not even May yet. People have been waiting at the bus stop for quite a wh...