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Russell Peters--L-L-I-I-V-E-E-E

Russell Peters came back to Delhi on the 29th.We had gone to see him perform last year at the Sai Auditorium and it was great fun.Totally worth the value and money and well the hype for us all.It had started late but it was compensated with a fabulous laugh riot.

This year it was at a different venue(meaning more seats) and the ticket prices had shot up(inflation/financial crisis here too?).The hype was the same,the expectations were the same.Despite the bigger venue and bigger audience,the crowd management on the part of DNA Networks was absolutely awful.There was a single queue for nearly 700 odd people who had come to watch the show.People would join in the middle and like how we did,found someone we knew and stood with them.VOILA,we're inside the premises in 5minutes which otherwise would have taken not less than half an hour.

The show was to start at 6:00PM SHARP,well that's what the tickets said.We were inside the auditorium hall 5minutes before 6.Made our way to the first…

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