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Sach Ka Saamna : Will it work?

Indian Television is set to copy another American show, its called 'Sach ka saamna' and would air tonight (15th July) at 10:30PM. Its a copy of the American TV show 'The Moment of Truth' which is actually not an original concept in itself. Its a copy of Colombian, Nada más que la verdad ("Nothing More than the Truth") which has been exported to 46 countries in total. But we're aware of the American version which aired some months back on Star World(Tuesday 9:30PM slot).

The concept of the show would be to answer a set of questions to win the jackpot of Rs.1 Crore. The contestant would have gone under a polygraph test prior to the actual airing to check his responses and the reaction of his blood pressure, pulse, respiration etc etc on the very same questions. If the answers match to the ones given before then the contestant stays on. If on the other hand, the answers do not match the contestant loses out and goes back home. Also he/she can go out by opting…

New Template!

Hi. I'm back! I just put this new template and I think it looks calm and sober.Something I wanted for this blog.I would be back with some posts soon too.Hang in there!

BTW, see that Sun up there? yeah? click on it! Subscription isn't as far as the Sun for us here at Le-Chronicle :)