Sunday, March 1, 2009

WTF's : 34,000 apply for best job and more..

This is the second week of the WTF SECTION that was initiated last week.So let's get down to it without delay.


34,000 applications were received by Hamilton Island authorities based in Queensland,Australia for what is described as the "best job in the world".The job applications were received from 200 countries all over the globe with more than 11,000 applications coming from US,followed by Canada,Britain and Australia.

The deadline for the application was midnight GMT of the week ending 22nd February.The number of late applications numbered 7,500.

Criteria : The candidates were asked to send in a video of up to a minute in English giving reasons why they should be picked and are qualified for the post.Should be 18+.

Just in case you are wondering why it is the "best job in the world",the job description reads something like this.

Job Description : Soaking in the sun,swimming,snorkeling,sailing and to report to the global audiences via a weekly blog,photo diaries and video updates of how much he/she is having.

Salary and other benefits : 150,000 Australian dollars or $100,000 for six months and free airfare from the successful candidates home country to the island.The candidate would live in a multimillion dollar three bedroom beach house.

Clearly the idea is to raise the level of the tourism industry which is hit due to economic slowdown and the financial crunch.This can actually be made into a reality TV show as well but then again is this job permanent or here as well should you be afraid of getting the 'pink slip'?

(Source : AFP)


This interesting piece of weather forecasting sign board made me chuckle.I think with the magical powers of this stone it should be used instead of those boring weather segments on news channels.How accurate would the weather be!

Think there was something even more weird/absurd/bizarre than this?Was there something else which made you exclaim WTF!? Leave a comment.

First edition of WTF's!


  1. Hmmm...
    May be you should have shared this while they were still taking accepting applications!!!

  2. Well yeah I should have but then again this section wasn't initiated then and who would have known people(and so many of them) would apply for this!I wonder if anyone would get bored of this job though?

  3. Why would anyone get bored of having fun AND getting paid for it?!

  4. Maybe because its too "stagnant" and no growth prospects!

  5. Btw 2 Indians shortlisted in the 50 for the 'best job in the world'

  6. Wow!That's fantastic.I wonder if they were given the pink slip too and if yes then would they trash the place just like they might do it in here?


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