Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Untitled Post

Its been long I blogged here and blogged about my personal life too. Although am suffering from a writers block + laziness so all my intended blog ideas are still pending. Today I will break the laziness pattern and also blog about my personal life and enter a new territory of writing called POETRY. I've never done poetry so spare the criticism if it isn't perfect or even close to being good. But here we go...

Even though we are not sailing smoothly,
Even though there is no perfect connection,
Even though there is no telepathy.

Days go by without hearing each others' voice,
Months go by without seeing each other,
Messages are the only source of contact.

Despite all this I love it when you laugh,
Love it when you giggle,
Love it when you call to say you're scared,
Love it when we argue over stupid things.

You can make anyone laugh with your laugh,
You can make anyone smile with your words,
You can make anyone feel comfortable in your presence,
You can make anyone feel nice about their rotten day,
You can make anyone watch Disney channel,
You can make anyone crave to be with you.

I love you! And I think she knows who it is for.

P.S. I know sucky poetry but did the best I could :S Hope you liked it :D


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