Tuesday, February 24, 2009

502 hits Gmail

Google's mail service,Gmail had been down earlier for a significant amount of time causing panic amongst the reliable mail service which started 5 years back.

Google is the ultimate service provider as the ratings have been showing with their dominance in search engine business.However,Gmail's downtime has not gone down well with Google lovers.

Their other services such as Reader,Blogger etc. were working fine.The reason is still unclear and so is the time it was down for.

The page encountered a "502 Server Error" which despite many refreshes wasn't working.

Yahoo or Hotmail anyone?

UPDATE: There was an outage of two and a half hours in parts of Asia,North America and Europe.The reason is still being investigated by Google authorities.


  1. Apparently so does hotmail's clutter!!I checked my hotmail yesterday and its one sad place!


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