Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Very awesome video

I saw this video on Interim thoughts.

Its a very smart and innovative take at things that matter to us or don't matter to us.
Titled : Lost Generation

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

WTF's : Television bill for the dead and more..

WTF Section was missing last week due to busy schedule.However,I promised an update and you would get an update!


Of all things possible there is one thing that is never late and never goes missing too,and that's the BILL.Be it for telephone,TV or any other thing imaginable.However there can be the odd mistake and a bizarre one at that.

This bizarre mistake happened in Berlin,Germany where German broadcaster GEZ sent a letter to a certain mathematician by the name of Adam Ries.Adam Ries,an algebra expert,purchased the house in 1525(yes that's 484 years ago).The letter to pay the dues for TV and Radio usage was received by the owner of the club which was started in the honour of the math wiz.

Ries died in 1559 and the company was intimated of their error but still to make sure it wasn't an excuse by the club,the company sent another reminder.

Oh while we're at it,it would be interesting to note that TV was invented in 1923!

(Source : Reuters)


Emergency!Cellphone battery dead!Don't fret the phone booth is just ahead.(174 KMS ahead in this case!)

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi : Not so much!

Just when you think the festivals bring together people and create peace and harmony,there comes along an event which shatters your belief and saddens you with the state of things in our country.Holi is the festival of colours and water and laughter for kids and adults both.

One person,however,didn't seem to enjoy these things.CNN IBN reports a fisherman in Shahdol,Madhya Pradesh shot at an 8year old little girl for an innocent act of spraying colour.The 8year old girl got injured at the time but now she's to be recovering.

The villagers beat up the fisherman before handing him over to the police.All this highlights the pathetic condition of the law in our country and how awful as human beings we've become to go to such low levels.I know some of you might say,"..we wouldn't do anything like that" but being a grown up haven't you been peeved at the kids for being so excited about Holi that they started throwing balloons even before Holi?Don't forget you were in that place some time back too.


Earth Hour : Switch off that light!

WWF(World Wildlife Fund for nature) is an environmental organisation working for the betterment of all sections of nature.From flora,fauna to fighting against global warming.Global warming is a phenomenal issue which would affect our future generations unless we act now.For this cause,WWF has urged the citizens of the world to switch off their lights for one hour on 28th March.

Earlier the event used to be on a smaller scale but this time they're trying for one billion votes.A vote here means one household switching off their lights for the entire hour.The data compiled thereafter would be presented to world leaders at Global Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

Just when you think that this is all crap and no one does anything?There is startling piece of data which would change your perception.In 2007,(when the movement started) 2.2million people in Sydney switched off their lights.And in 2008,the number increased to a whooping 50million and included the likes of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square.

In India,Earth Hour's initiative is spearheaded by Amir Khan who had this to say :
Climate Change is undoubtedly and regrettably, the biggest immediate long-term environmental challenge we face. A failure to come to sound policy outcomes on climate change will not only have a negative environmental impact but also social and economic consequences for all of us. Stand up and join us in the fight against climate change. Support Earth Hour.

Wipro, ITC Welcome group, Indian Hotels, HUDCO, HSBC, Google, Standard Chartered India, HP and PVR Films are among those taking part in the ‘Earth Hour’ 2009 campaign in India.

So remember these important details :
Date : March 28th,2009
Day : Saturday
Time : 8:30 PM-9:30 PM

Information : Earth Hour

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Notification : Apology

I would like to apologise to my readers about the missing WTF SECTION post for today.Have been really busy with things but promise to have a post next Sunday.However,do look forward to some posts in the mid-week.

Instead,why don't you savor on previous WTF posts?

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Warner Bros Poll : Really Funny!

Warner Bros will be launching another movies and entertainment channel in India on the 15th of March.Warner Bros. already have a blockbuster movie channel in the form of HBO in the country but their new brand wouldn't clash with HBO and would cater to the movie buffs with TV series and movies that go amiss.They would bring back Joey and Whose line is it anyway and movie lineup was highlighted with Lord of the Rings.

However the point of this post is to highlight the poll they are running on their website.


Now,the options make the poll funny.The options read :
a) Keanu Reeves
b) Vin Diesel
c) Kevin Costner
d) Harry Potter

I understand about Keanu Reeves(Matrix Trilogy), Vin Diesel(Too fast too furious,Fast and the Furious) and Kevin Costner's(3000 Miles to Graceland) machoness but why the bloody hell would I want a kid with a wand in his hand to save my ass?!

Who would be your pick?Leave a comment.
(Harry Potter is leading the charts at the time of writing!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WTF's : 34,000 apply for best job and more..

This is the second week of the WTF SECTION that was initiated last week.So let's get down to it without delay.


34,000 applications were received by Hamilton Island authorities based in Queensland,Australia for what is described as the "best job in the world".The job applications were received from 200 countries all over the globe with more than 11,000 applications coming from US,followed by Canada,Britain and Australia.

The deadline for the application was midnight GMT of the week ending 22nd February.The number of late applications numbered 7,500.

Criteria : The candidates were asked to send in a video of up to a minute in English giving reasons why they should be picked and are qualified for the post.Should be 18+.

Just in case you are wondering why it is the "best job in the world",the job description reads something like this.

Job Description : Soaking in the sun,swimming,snorkeling,sailing and to report to the global audiences via a weekly blog,photo diaries and video updates of how much he/she is having.

Salary and other benefits : 150,000 Australian dollars or $100,000 for six months and free airfare from the successful candidates home country to the island.The candidate would live in a multimillion dollar three bedroom beach house.

Clearly the idea is to raise the level of the tourism industry which is hit due to economic slowdown and the financial crunch.This can actually be made into a reality TV show as well but then again is this job permanent or here as well should you be afraid of getting the 'pink slip'?

(Source : AFP)


This interesting piece of weather forecasting sign board made me chuckle.I think with the magical powers of this stone it should be used instead of those boring weather segments on news channels.How accurate would the weather be!

Think there was something even more weird/absurd/bizarre than this?Was there something else which made you exclaim WTF!? Leave a comment.

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