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Looks matter?

I was talking to a girl some weeks back on a chat room where the conversation headed to our relationship statuses and I am committed and I don’t really remember what her status was but one thing that she asked thereafter, startled me. She asked me, ”How does your girlfriend look?”. Frankly speaking this is a very common question and most asked when you tell someone you’re committed but I don’t understand why. Why does it matter how a person looks? Would you only like people who are pretty/handsome and cute and not care about how they are as a person and how they would treat you and how you both would connect (or not) ? Are these things totally immaterial against how HOT the person is? Also here I would like to mention how HOT as an expression sounds totally vulgar as against PRETTY.
This also raises the question about love at first SIGHT, is it possible? Is it realistic? Just by looking at the person for the FIRST time are you able to judge how a person would be? I certainly think thi…

10 Funny Youtube Videos

I was thinking of changing the content type of this blog and give it a different turn.
We all use youtube for various reasons.Some for looking at sports videos,some for checking out music videos,some for other fantasies which require them to click a certain "Proof birth date" button.
I decided to make a Funny youtube videos list.These are funny in my view and if you have suggestions for other videos then add them to comments.Also remember these are not in a particular order of preference or funniness but just in the order I came across them.
Enjoy :D

1.This is part of the talent contest in Britain and has Simon Cowell(American Idol judge) among the notable judges.This video is a must see.It is where a person tries to fit himself into a balloon.Yeah into a ballon.I give it 3.5/5

2.I would like to mention that this video does look fake and that they are not real incidents but stunts.Nonetheless its worth the watch.I am also happy that am not as bad as these people are and also that…

Weddings - A yawner

"I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury."
-Groucho Marx

“My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I didn't.” -Unknown

I went to a wedding last week.It had been ages since I had been to a wedding, be it for a known relative or any random person getting into this mess which he might be in for the rest of his/her life.
It was my cousin's wedding,who am not so close to anyway but I could not find a way to miss the wedding as my exams were over and I had nothing major(or minor but thats a different story titled "My sucky life") to do to get away.The marriage date was fixed a few hours before the marriage(Yes you heard me right.A few hours!)Well you see my family and people close to my family(especially mom's side) have people who believe in the 18th century traditions of janam patri and other wedding rituals which are annoying to say the least and the priest thought mentioning a date for tomorrow would be…