Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Blah here,Little Blah there

I am sorry for not being regular (like anyone reads this but what the hell!)
Well this blog post is going to cover up for the whole April. Since this is a whole month and so far we're done with 23 days, am going to diversify this into 3parts.

1. General Blabber bibber
2. College fashion (yeah read on!)
3. Global Warming (yes I will also give you information on this!)

Well let’s start off.
I was thinking of stopping from writing blogs but all of my readers’ love brought me back (this is what I would have said had you people commented!) but somehow I brought myself back(courtesy that special someone who comments on my blog and is a fan of my writing (yes loadsa crap!)).So to all those out there, here, everywhere, even those who are online when they’re not supposed to be and all those who just stumbled upon this blog from somewhere, I would be very grateful if you people commented. It does nothing but appreciates the writer and motivates him/her and I don’t mean it for my blog alone but for any blog that you like.

2. College Fashion
My exams commenced last week (17th April) and it is a very hectic period filled with studies (yeah right!) and tension (this for sure!). So in this hectic period I forgot to carry my Admit Card allotted to every student by the university and carries your roll number and is a proof document. As I reached college around 2.15 for the 3pm exam,I realised the unthinkable has happened and this is worst case scenario. It made no sense to go back and get the admit card so I asked some other students who seemed like they had faced this situation before. They told me that you have to contact the principal and let her know and she will do the needful. I checked her room she wasn’t there (PANIC PANIC!!).I then went looking around in the offices of the evening department as well as the morning department. I found her in the principal office of the morning department (insert relief words here!).
I entered and she gave me the wardrobe check look (yeah that’s a look!).Oh I was wearing 3/4ths or capris and t-shirt (its bloody hot people!).So the conversation went on like this;
Principal: Yeh tumne kya pehna hai? (What are you wearing?)
[Comment: am used to the ridicule towards 3/4ths and how everyone this they’re “Half Pants”]
Me: Ma’m bahar bahut garmi hai. (Ma’m its very hot outside!)
Principal: Toh kal agar aur zyada garmi hogi toh tum kuch pehnoge nahi? (If it’s very hot outside then would you roam about naked?)
Me (with a smile which I would describe as a smile I give to get rid of her and to just get out of there!): Nahi ma’m.Actually main apna admit card ghar bhool aaya hoon (No ma’m actually I forgot my admit card at home…)
And the other part of the conversation is insignificant. I find this to be very absurd that how this fashion is made fun of. I mean am sure the first person who wore jeans in public would have been giggled at by other trouser wearing men who would have thought how preposterous their outfit was.

Now, to point three/trois/drei/teen

3.Global Warming
I was watching this movie called The Inconvenient Truth (starring Al Gore) its about how he gives complete information about global warming and how it is affecting our planet adversely and also I saw this tid-bit which had aired on national geographic about earth report.It was very moving as to how we're ruining our planet which might not even exist in some time. So as responsible citizens I request you to do little bits from your part to conserve energy and save the environment. I've started off with unplugging the charger after phone is fully charged (not just turning the switch off but unplugging the charger too) and then switching off unnecessary lights,fans,a/cs,tv's etc when they are not in use.I would be posting further links about how to save the environment and make this earth a better planet than Pluto! (I still feel sorry for that fella! Damn you NASA!)
Comments are appreciated.


  1. One thing abt your writing definitly does not bore me..although it may be lacking some..really thought provoking content and the fact that i dont care about reading 'blogs' which ppl post for the heck of it...
    keep up the good work ...n i would love to read something more frm your blogs..for eg. introspection. ... my best wishes!

    :| zyaada official sa ho gaya bhi... toodles for d time being :P

  2. Well...i agree with ya..we need to do our bit to save our planet people...i mean after all we are the ones who trashed it in the first place..causing global if not for the planet, do it for Tanuj...or he would actually have to roam naked in this heat...actually not for tanuj, do it for humanity..we dont wanna see that happening!!! eeek! ;)


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