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Mumbai "The Spirit stirred for once" : In pictures,videos and links

Mumbai burnt from 26th November till 28th November,2008.The burn marks remain,would they go ever go away for the hostages inside the Taj Hotel,Oberoi Hotel,Cama Hospital.For the taxi drivers in Ville Parle.For baby Moshe.For local train users at CST.For the martyr's families.And more generally,for every concerned human being who witnessed these shocker events unravel be it in person or through media,I don't think so.

See more pictures on : The Big Picture

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See more pictures on : ArunShanBhag's blog (WARNING : Page takes long to load due to heavy pictures,but they are worth the wait)

See more pictures on : Brisbane Times' page.

What would happen if attacks in Mumbai took place in US?

Yahoo Answers!

Dr.Melissa Clouthier's blog and her views

Articles :

Indian Express' columnist Arun Shourie analyses How the ministers shouldn't be surprised about the attacks from the sea.

NY Times',Thomas L. Friedman Calls All Pakistanisto show …

Five Things You Didn't Know About My Younger Self

Hey my blog information reads I write about anything that catches my attention and interests me.So this post would signify I pay good amount of attention to myself and I take interest in myself.

Actually I have been tagged by Parinita Shetty so I am writing about myself now.Has been long I've done that though..

1.My birth was premature so I was a complicated creature from the very onset of my descend upon this planet.And since it was premature there were a few "abnormalities".I was not as healthy and height wasn't like other babies.Describing it to me my parents had an interesting similie to use.They say I looked like a "little rat" and by no means is it in relation to my character but to my short short body.

Yeah it isn't a great comparison!

2.I had a thing for sliding down the stairs handle.Well the handle was built only after I fell down the stairs which didn't have a handle before.Apparently the athleticism in me isn't new.It continued with the …

Mumbai's tag of global city is hit

I am sure many of you would be aware of the vandalizing nature of MNS(Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena) chief,Raj Thakrey and his men and seen their acts of hurting North Indian's on the reason of protecting the "Marathi Manus".

Times of India had an article running today (Sunday Times,02 November,Delhi Edition) showing how what we earlier thought was limited to political games has actually hit the mindset of the local people too.These aforementioned article bears some startling incidents which would make any Indian bow his/her head in shame and question the country's "biggest democracy" stance which we somehow are very proud of.

Mumbai: ‘‘Loud discussions have given way to whispers... that’s what’s really scary,’’ is how a north Indian techie who has spent the better part of his life in Mumbai described the new mood in the city. The divisiveness, which began as a political tamasha a few weeks ago and spiralled into violence, has begun to slowly but steadily seep …

Russell Peters--L-L-I-I-V-E-E-E

Russell Peters came back to Delhi on the 29th.We had gone to see him perform last year at the Sai Auditorium and it was great fun.Totally worth the value and money and well the hype for us all.It had started late but it was compensated with a fabulous laugh riot.

This year it was at a different venue(meaning more seats) and the ticket prices had shot up(inflation/financial crisis here too?).The hype was the same,the expectations were the same.Despite the bigger venue and bigger audience,the crowd management on the part of DNA Networks was absolutely awful.There was a single queue for nearly 700 odd people who had come to watch the show.People would join in the middle and like how we did,found someone we knew and stood with them.VOILA,we're inside the premises in 5minutes which otherwise would have taken not less than half an hour.

The show was to start at 6:00PM SHARP,well that's what the tickets said.We were inside the auditorium hall 5minutes before 6.Made our way to the first…

Am a Blog-addict

82%This quiz was provided by Match Special

I really need help! :D

World ending?

Everyone fears death and some people actually go overboard and ask astrologers when they would die! Which obviously isn't true and cannot be predicted.Yeah I don't believe in all those things.
But coming to the point,there have been many theories about the world ending and many(all?) of them have been wrong and as we are just a few hours away from another story doing the rounds of the Earth being engulfed into a black hole and world coming to an end tomorrow,that is 10th September 2008.
Then there is another theory revolving around Mayan Calendar and the world ending on 21st December,2012 according to that theory.Upon some research I found this quote by Dr. Jose Arguelles in "Time and The Technosphere" :
"August 13, 3113 BC is as precise and accurate as one can get for a beginning of history: the first Egyptian dynasty is dated to ca 3100 BC; the first 'city,' Uruk, in Mesopotamia, also ca 3100 BC; the Hindu Kali Yuga, 3102 BC; and most interestingly, the d…

Delhi vs Mumbai: Political Capital vs Financial Capital


I apologise that I haven't written in 2months,so here I am with a well a cliched topic!

I know this topic has been discussed time and again and its like New York vs Washington,Men vs Women(cliched comparisons I mean) but I wanted to jump the bandwagon too as well I recently visited Mumbai and since am a Delhite,the comparisons just becomes well inevitable.

I won't be comparing based upon random things which other sites/blogs would but I would be making the comparison upon things that matter to ME!So you see how something that might matter to you,may/may not matter to me.In short,I decide what goes!

I would be putting down 5 positives of both the cities,so here we go!

Delhi(because home comes first!)

1.Food - I mean who cannot like Delhi food.There is street food,which includes Indian and Tibetan(Momos,big hit!) then there are restaurants which offer every cuisine a normal human being would want to eat.(Yes that rules out rats and other weird animals.TOO BAD!)

2.Space - There is …

Free Hug Campaign

I found this video courtesy my friend Tanay.I totally absolutely loved the idea and the video is awesomely sweet too.

I would really appreciate if you comment on the video and pass on the link.
Here is the direct youtube link, Free Hug Campaign

Great work by Vinit Mehta

There is a campaign for Free Hugs too.Check the Free hug Campaign Website.
Thanks to Parinita Shetty for the link.

Man's best friend?


It is believed that dog is man's best friend but lately that feeling seems to be dwindling in my head.I mean don't get me wrong I like dogs after my friends made me get used to their licking and snooping around but recently the stray dogs in my lane ONLY have become a major pain.

They keep barking and barking all night.Chase cars and the worst is for people on two wheelers who are also chased and may lose balance too.I don't know who to blame for it?Should the Residential society be blamed for not doing enough?Should the MCD be blamed?Should the residents be blamed?

I am of the opinion that the people are to be blamed.The residents I mean.In the name of a good deed or "Punya" as we call it people feed them every day and every night and in turn these stray dogs stick around in the area and would live on these feedings.I agree that they are living organisms too but what is the point of earning Punya in the name of getting …

New Vodafone Ad

This Vodafone ad aired some weeks back on Indian Television sets.At first I found it to be a smart ad and great idea with a very simple logic but as I began to see more of this ad(courtesy IPL) I am beginning to get sick and tired and ridiculing it when it comes.
Some of the points I noticed were :
1.How the guy who helps the girl with the droplet of ink is either very smart or very dumb(my money is on the second option) as he has the time to help the girl and then smile at her while the invigilator collects the papers.I mean if you've been a student then you would know how desperately you want to write when the teacher snatches the paper from you.

2.The teacher is collecting papers from the 1st row and notice how when the camera angle changes the students on the other side of the class are writing as cool-ly and calmly as possible.Again,if you've been a student you realise that at this moment you either cheat and ask others for answers or you just write the last bits franticall…

May Monsoon

The title might sound very absurd considering its not a title I would keep,but I feel is apt to describe the end of the month of May for the year 2008.Delhi generally doesn't have a rainy,watery May but this year was an exception.
Before you think this blog post is about weather changes and effects of Global Warming,its not!
Its about how something/someone came like a calm and cool wind that everyone loves and wants desperately to happen often and left like a storm,a hurricane, a cyclone which left me reeling under its effect.Its happened for the first time that am still jolted and await the breeze to blow on my face again.This might not be proper alliteration either but this is what I liked.
Now you must be wondering who/what I'm talking about..?
Its about the person that matters the most to me in the world,everything about her bothers me.Her smile makes me smile,her tears make me want to cry with her,her little anger scares me,her little pout deserves the attention it gets and f…

Looks matter?

I was talking to a girl some weeks back on a chat room where the conversation headed to our relationship statuses and I am committed and I don’t really remember what her status was but one thing that she asked thereafter, startled me. She asked me, ”How does your girlfriend look?”. Frankly speaking this is a very common question and most asked when you tell someone you’re committed but I don’t understand why. Why does it matter how a person looks? Would you only like people who are pretty/handsome and cute and not care about how they are as a person and how they would treat you and how you both would connect (or not) ? Are these things totally immaterial against how HOT the person is? Also here I would like to mention how HOT as an expression sounds totally vulgar as against PRETTY.
This also raises the question about love at first SIGHT, is it possible? Is it realistic? Just by looking at the person for the FIRST time are you able to judge how a person would be? I certainly think thi…

10 Funny Youtube Videos

I was thinking of changing the content type of this blog and give it a different turn.
We all use youtube for various reasons.Some for looking at sports videos,some for checking out music videos,some for other fantasies which require them to click a certain "Proof birth date" button.
I decided to make a Funny youtube videos list.These are funny in my view and if you have suggestions for other videos then add them to comments.Also remember these are not in a particular order of preference or funniness but just in the order I came across them.
Enjoy :D

1.This is part of the talent contest in Britain and has Simon Cowell(American Idol judge) among the notable judges.This video is a must see.It is where a person tries to fit himself into a balloon.Yeah into a ballon.I give it 3.5/5

2.I would like to mention that this video does look fake and that they are not real incidents but stunts.Nonetheless its worth the watch.I am also happy that am not as bad as these people are and also that…

Weddings - A yawner

"I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury."
-Groucho Marx

“My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I didn't.” -Unknown

I went to a wedding last week.It had been ages since I had been to a wedding, be it for a known relative or any random person getting into this mess which he might be in for the rest of his/her life.
It was my cousin's wedding,who am not so close to anyway but I could not find a way to miss the wedding as my exams were over and I had nothing major(or minor but thats a different story titled "My sucky life") to do to get away.The marriage date was fixed a few hours before the marriage(Yes you heard me right.A few hours!)Well you see my family and people close to my family(especially mom's side) have people who believe in the 18th century traditions of janam patri and other wedding rituals which are annoying to say the least and the priest thought mentioning a date for tomorrow would be…

Little Blah here,Little Blah there

I am sorry for not being regular (like anyone reads this but what the hell!)
Well this blog post is going to cover up for the whole April. Since this is a whole month and so far we're done with 23 days, am going to diversify this into 3parts.

1. General Blabber bibber
2. College fashion (yeah read on!)
3. Global Warming (yes I will also give you information on this!)

Well let’s start off.
I was thinking of stopping from writing blogs but all of my readers’ love brought me back (this is what I would have said had you people commented!) but somehow I brought myself back(courtesy that special someone who comments on my blog and is a fan of my writing (yes loadsa crap!)).So to all those out there, here, everywhere, even those who are online when they’re not supposed to be and all those who just stumbled upon this blog from somewhere, I would be very grateful if you people commented. It does nothing but appreciates the writer and motivates him/her and I don’t mean it for my blog alone but fo…

Relationships are complicated!

I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you're the one that I love, and I can't let you go.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
~Leo Buscaglia

Have you ever felt how one thing that affects a very dear person to you,affects you too?How when they are sad,you are sad too?How when they are happy,you beam too?Then maybe you're in LOVE.Am not saying that only Love gets you that feeling but friendship can too and family as well.But as for me its Love.
Its very absurd that he/she can rule your mood,not purposely of course.Even when it is something you can't fix and it is something you didn't do and aren't even remotely associated with.Is it a good thing that you are this close to a person or is it a bad thin…


Date : 14/03/2008
Time : 13:20
Location : Okhla Mandi Bus stop,East of kailash,Delhi
Event : A man gets down from the bus plying on route no 433 from the driver's side and starts to walk towards the back of the bus.I am behind a lady who is getting on the bus from the back door.The man walks towards the lady and brushes his hand on her behind,she turns her head around but as he's walking forward and she's got on the bus by now,she ignores.
I am taken aback by this incident.And the worst part is I could have done something but I didn't.I could have yelled or if it had to come to that, resorted to violence.
I don't understand why anyone would do that.Is the male species too desperate for female attention that he resorts to such disgusting acts?Or is it the just the Indian male group which has lowered itself to such sickness?
This is generalizing for sure but I don't see anything wrong in generalizing this right now.
Checking out girls and vice-versa is accepted but this…