Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Link : Today's news channels!

Found this hilarious piece after my blog hopping spree. I'm certain you all would have heard the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill"? Yeah. So how would the news channels in India report it? NDTV is used here as an example but it does apply to nearly all the channels. Enjoy!

India - travels in my nightie: Two persons hurt in climbing mishap

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My least favourite word is...

...WHATEVER, which many of you are aware irks me beyond limits. So much so, people found it amusing for it to be used around me just to get a reaction from me. And its not that its used in only one context of "end of topic" but also as a method to dismiss a question asked.

Now I realised last week that am not the only one who finds the word annoying. Apparently, 47% Americans surveyed do too. Its weird in two respects :

1. My view point is shared with Americans too! I wonder if I should feel offended :p
2. The source is a college telephone poll so having them agree with what I feel is somewhat absurd for me.

The other words which made it to the most annoying list are "You know" , "It is what it is" , "Anyway" and "At the end of the day". Why would anyone be annoyed with "At the end of the day" ?! Oh I have another one "my bad" , whatever happened to a simple "SORRY"!?

[Source : Times of India]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mumbai please vote this time!

Maharashtra goes for Assembly Elections on 13th October which would determine who governs the state post 22nd October when the results would be declared. Post 26/11 Mumbai has had the Lok Sabha elections to show their need of "change" but sadly a dismal turnout of 43% turnout reflected the indifference that existed in the Mumbaikars attitude.

Hopefully things improve this time around and people go out to vote this time. There is a one day bandh as well so you can't complain about work commitments. Spotted an image courtesy The Comic Project and Arun Raveen.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poem : Real Me

Its been sometime since I wrote a poem and expressed what I felt. The feeling has changed so the genre of my poem has changed too. Its not a rhythm kind of a poem, just linking what I felt. Here it goes.

There is emptiness inside me,
There is hollowness inside me.

Feelings are just few and far between,
One being love, the other being sorrow .

You moved on, but I couldn't,
You lost the love, but I didn't.

You want me to move on, I can't,
You want me to not care, I can't.

You don't seem to care,
I wish I could do the same.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Must Read : Karan Johar is raped by MNS

Karan Johar produced, Wake Up Sid, hit the theaters yesterday but as with many other big movies in the past, it was caught in a controversy. Controversy called petty politics. Raj Thackeray run MNS created a furore with the movie mentioning Mumbai as Bombay. (Yeah that's the reason!) So much so KJ had to apologise to the politician in person and make a politically correct statement of how it could have hurt people's sentiments.

Hansal Mehta, a director himself wrote an account of what happened to him when his misinterpreted dialogue got him into a world of trouble. Read it here, Passion for Cinema.

The comments section led me to a very interesting post by Ratnakar Sadasyula, where Rabindranath Tagore's legendary poem titled "Where the mind is without fear" is shown to have relevance even today. Read it here, Sleepless in Cyberia.

Hope you enjoy both the posts and spread it along with commenting it. It doesn't take much time to express what you think and even lesser time in spreading it. Those stupid and senseless quizzes on Facebook can be played later. Thanks.

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