Monday, December 31, 2007


This post is long overdue because I had to show my gf this tattoo and now that she's seen it and am not that lazy anymore,this post is possible.
OK I had always wanted to get a tattoo and I had set a deadline for end November,2007 but that didn't materialize courtesy the friend who I wouldn't like to name because he's wanted for crimes under blah blah section of Indian NO law code and my blog has a lot of readership mainly in India and even the police read my blogs because I know plenty of criminals.OK enough rambling.
So now after researching about tattoo artists in and around Delhi from friends and web,I picked two artists who were good and then picked the one in Vasant Vihar,Priya,Basant lok complex.Devilz Tattooz.
15 December,2006
The day I get my tattoo.Reached there around 2ish after confirming with Nonu that he's coming too,mainly for emotional meeting the artist,Lokesh,who also had tattoos to show off on his arms which weren't totally revealing but I had seen them on his website.Which makes me think,do dentists also wear dentures or braces,or opticians wear spectacles,or something like that,which is anyway beside the point or normalcy for that matter.After spending another 10-15minutes looking at designs which he had made previously along with other potential designs.I settled upon a design which is the roman symbol of peace and looks fundoo too as it has not only outlining but shading which makes it even sexier.Also,I had decided where I would like to get a tattoo which would be my right arm,so we decided upon the design based on that along with the money constraints.
After waiting for not more than 5minutes and Nonu reading the newspaper and telling me not to be ridiculous and spending money on something like that and instead buying him earphones which he wants so desperately!He came out with the sticker and took us to the room where he works.
It was a small room with A/C and a laptop along with necessary drawers full of equipment.The most important aspect of the room were the blinds and a bean chair for Nonu to sit and while away his "vela" time,which he otherwise would have spent at home either playing alone or by sitting at home doing nothing.Yeah he is another particle of the lazy generation of Modernites.Yeah about the blinds,since it was to be done on my right arm on the upper side,the blinds had to be shut off or the saloon would have lost some serious customers considering they would have had to see 70kgs of fat filled body sitting on the chair! LOL.
After he started working on the tattoo,it was ok in the beginning as he would work the needle for a bit and then stop for some seconds and by then my body would have overcome the pain.But after the shading started it started getting unbearable because the needle would be dragged on for some consecutive seconds which made me hold the chair tight on the armrest to get some strength,I know weird logic but it worked,to some extent.The guy had to tell me like 2-3 times to stop moving.Only respite was the music which although was worldspace and it was Top 40 and I hadn't heard many of the songs,but music is soothing.My favourite quote of the whole experience was,
Lokesh : You see this red red thing?
Me : *looks at the red,I know its blood coz I saw it trickle down*Yeah
(Now i was expecting him to say its blood and it'll be fine in a bit,but..)
Lokesh : This is going to turn grey in a few days
Me : *now confused and dumbfound considering that wasn't the response I was hoping for,but never-the-less didn't want to sound dumb* Oh cool.
Now I only have to take care of it,which is like part of the process.
Things to be kept in mind for other people who might get a tattoo in the future and for people who search for this info on search engines.
1.Applying olive oil for a minimum of 3 weeks.
2.Not applying soap for 2weeks.
3.Keeping away from water for 2 weeks too,with pats of water once a day.
4.No direct exposure to sunlight for some 3-4 weeks.
5.Visit to tattoo artist after 2weeks.
Now admire my tattoo for which I have bore so much pain along with spent money on it and then had to face the wrath of my family who questioned my lifestyle and logic behind getting the tattoo.

my tattoo

my tattoo

Comment away!

Friday, December 21, 2007

champions league Round of 16

The Champions league draw for the first knock out stage,8 matches,16 high caliber teams battle it out to reach the next stage.Remember,two teams who were already in the group stages and from the same country cannot meet in this part of the round.The first leg will be played on February 19/20 and March 4/5,2009.

CelticCeltic(Scotland) vs BarcelonaBarcelona(Spain)

Olympique LyonnaisLyon(France) vs Man UtdManchester United(England)

Schalke 04Schalke(Germany) vs FC PortoPorto(Portugal)

LiverpoolLiverpool(England) vs Inter MilanInter Milan(Italy)

AS RomaRoma(Italy) vs Real MadridReal Madrid(Spain)

ArsenalArsenal(England) vs AC MilanAC Milan(Italy)

OlympiakosOlympiakos(Greece) vs ChelseaChelsea(England)

FenerbahceFenerbahce(Turkey) vs Sevilla FCSevilla(Spain)

Celtic Vs Barcelona
Celtic would have to really work hard to overcome the likes of messi and eto'o and ronaldinho.They would have to really do well at Celtic Park to have any chance as I don't see them doing well at Nou Camp.Finally,a breeze through for Catalan giants.

Lyon vs Manchester United
Now this is a toughie and would be a fascinating tie.I don't think Manchester United supporters or players can downplay the french team in my view.It may look like an easy tie for them but I think there is more to it.In the end,Manchester United have too much class and skill to overcome Lyon.

Schalke vs Porto
This may not involve the big heavyweights of european football but you cannot undermine the 2004 Champions league winners Porto's strength and the ability to outdo even the toughest opposition.I see Porto going through.

Liverpool vs Inter Milan
Another toughie.Liverpool are a bit rotten now with losses in the league and Carling Cup but I somehow think that liverpool just get more blood running in their veins and more confidence blowing when its in the Champions league (read as 8-0 vs Besiktas).Inter are gonna be a tough fight as they always do in Europe.In the end,I think liverpool will be too dominating and attack as a side against the defense minded Italians.

AS Roma vs Real Madrid
Since am a Madrid Fan I would say that they'll go through(which they would even if i were to be unbiased!).Madrid are playing the cool game that they used to at the time of Vicente Del Bosque.AS Roma are gonna eat dust!

Arsenal vs AC Milan
This is undoubtedly the best and the most mouth watering tie of this stage.I would not like to predict the outcome of this as am unsure and can't even actually guess whose going to be better of the two.I do think that whoever wins it will be by a marginal gap.

Olypiakos vs Chelsea
A breezethrough for chelsea.

Fenerbahce vs Sevilla
Again the spanish side are going to be too big a task to overcome the turks.
Thats it for my comments and views on the draw.

Monday, December 17, 2007

awesome awesome ad

Nowadays am in love with the new airtel ad which is out.The one with two kids on a border and being united with the link of football.I mean two things just make me love an ad or a movie or any creation,if it is about football and/or its about peace in the world and this thing had both.Its very heart warming to see how two kids unknown to each others language just understand the meaning via the language of football.Also another beautiful aspect is when one kid helps the other when his tshirt gets tangled in the barbed wire.And the words that come thereafter mixed with a great jingle by a.r.rahman "THERES NO WALL,NO BARRIER ONLY IF WE TALK TO EACH OTHER" just are superb.I hope you enjoy and love it too.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

reality check

“Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his image.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”
Oprah Winfrey

"Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act."
George W. Crane

Have you ever had those days when you feel really bad about yourself?Like totally are disgusted with yourself and your behavior?
Well,thats what is happening to me NOW.I know of the exiguous readers that I have no one actually cares what is happening in my life.Agreed but this can be general also if you tend to apply the same position I'm in to your life.So continuing,you feel good about yourself and you think you're all goodie goodie,BAM!!NEWSFLASH:SOME PEOPLE WOULD DIFFER WITH YOUR "THOUGHT".And,the person who would differ is not someone you've been mean to or that guy in school/college you tend to pick on a lot but someone close to you and someone who knows you well.Thats when you get a cold reality check about yourself.You would obviously take their suggestions and views in a positive way if you do agree with them which is what I did.Otherwise you can have all the arguments and fights but still that person would NOT change their views towards you(in most cases).
Its actually a good thing that you're getting criticism and getting to know your flaws from someone you care about and vice-versa.This doesn't mean you should lose all your self confidence and self belief but this is just to make you realize that you still need to work on your behavior and the way you act.
Like the first quote above,you have to have a good behavior to have a good image.You can even have negative image if you have negative behavior,if thats what you aim for that is.
Thats pretty much it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

more than parents

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head. ~Terry Josephson

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. ~Soren Kierkegaard

I wanted to write this blog about 3-4 weeks back,on the topic I have in mind that is.I was watching the oldie shows that are running on zee cafe for like forever,I've seen full house like 200million times already and its still going on!!And c'mon till whenare we going to see friends reruns?Agreed I'm watching that show at this very second am writing this line but still don't we need newer shows.I'm pretty sure even with the writers' strike in US there are still shows that are gonna appeal to Indian audience,mainly teenage audience I mean.Ok moving on from this T.V. show topic.
I was watching that show and the theme for that episode was that the main character in the show,kevin as the character is called and his friend Paul are two 15years old students.And Paul is down for some reason and he goes to kevins' home and is comforted and made to feel better by kevin's mom.And the episode revolves around how kevin thinks that his friend knows more about his mom than he ever did.In the final scene of the show,he says how the kids see the parents as only parents and not as human beings who have their life too.
Which is what my topic/issue at hand is.
Have we ever seen our parents more than just people to ask money from?Mom to ask food for?Dad to have the car keys?
Do you know what degree your mom has?Or heck what year are they born in?Or what interests does your dad have?Or how they met and how was it at their wedding?
This episode really caught me thinking and I'm pretty sure this post would do the same to you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Not a happening day.
Only thing I'd like to mention is that WHY THE FUCK IS BUS NO 413 SO FUCKIN CROWDED??I mean WHY is there so less number of buses for the ones that I use.First it was 433 and now this!! I mean why the hell!!! Why can't there be more number of it?People get on it like crazy and there is no fuckin space(yeah imagine you cant fuck your gf/wife/mistress/other imaginations that you may possess*rolls eyes*),screw fuck, you don't even get standing space let alone sitting space.The only thing I can do while standing there hanging like am practicing for some weird dancing moves is listen to my ipod and look at the nice cute girls who enter the bus,but unfortunately i've been deprived of that courtesy my college friends who show up on that same bus and stand on the rear side of the bus and all the girls get on from the front door so don't get the view and courtesy another guy,who is like obsessed with listening to my ipod doesn't let go of it and I don't like to share my ipod even if its like one earpiece but still.
Thats it for today.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

EURO 2008

Groups for the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland:

Group A:
Czech Republic

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Look at the group C!!
I mean the prospects of italy(world champs),netherlands and france(finalists in world cup) being pitted in the same group how awesome is that.But then again that would mean one of these heavyweights(or duds as they may turn out to be..) would crash out in the group stages itself.Is that a good thing I ask?To have three giants of football(so are england but bah!! F U CROACS!!) being put in the same group..would like to hear comments on this.(or any comments @ all as this blog is deprived of that!!)
OH OH,we won our first match 4-3 yeah well done us.we did play passing,not entirely but better than game 1.also we had 2 red cards to our popular team we'd be!!
Enough for today,not much in the typing mood.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


So here I am,using my pc for update this time around because I'm presuming its fixed now as it hasn't shut down on itself YET *fingers crossed*
Its 15:46(3:46pm for all people unaware of millitary time conversions) and I'm done with football and lunch.
OK about football.We lost 9-0.Yeah you saw it right.9 zilch!!*insert other translations of zero here*it was fun to play but only problem WE DINT GET THE F-IN BALL.the times we did,we would always be great generous people and give it back to our opponents who were all blacks,dunno where they hail from??The full field isnt that long,at least for me,to run ie coz I DIDN'T RUN its long for passing it over the other teams' players.We lacked discipline and skill to be out there on the pitch to win.they were good in running,passing,skills which turns out to be the whole friggin game!!
We did create two chances for goals though.One was good passing from me and another guy but then there wasn't much skill in the striker and another was the other teams' goalkeepers mistake who gave the ball right in front to our player who well took a shoot from there and *insert suspense music here* and it went above the goal.
After the game got over I found my team to be more happy and cheerful than the team who won,courtesy making jokes about their accent and also that some guys could now smoke.I think its like oxygen for them!
We got to see the team we're due to play tomorrow too.The goalkeeper and their striker are known to me and they're good players.This striker can actually juggle a basketball on his foot.*insert ooh aah-s here..not erotic ones but shocked and amazed types*
Now its 16:02(4:02pm) and we were to practice at 4 and i don't see anyone coming for it.NOT shocking at all!
I've got tuition @ 7.30 and have to get a tattoo for myself but don't think I've got money (or plan to ask mom for it) or that much time for it.So would just laze around or would study (YEAH STUDY).Would write later if i find something worthy of mention aka blabber worthy!
Also,on the occasion of WORLD AIDS DAY I would request all careless fuckers to be sensible and use protection.Even to the shy guys out there who can't go to their chemist shop and buy one.Jeez people,its not a taboo.Its the need of the hour.Also,do not use infected pins and syringes.Have a test before marriage,its not one person along whose gonna suffer but two people and their families thereafter.So,be wise.
UPDATE @ 12:33amYeah,about the return of the dancing diva of the 90's,the dhak dhak girl,the lady who can make a 90yr old get horny*sincere apologies to the readers and the person himself,BAH who*MADHURI DIXIT with her return in Aaja Nachle.I don't understand why and how there are always controversies around big banner productions or movies with great cast.This time its in the lyrics of the title song and objections raised has made the movie being banned in UP.It is like making a mountain out of a mole hill.god.Just checked the ban's been lifted after apologies from lyricist and yash raj camp.Is it not freedom of expression is what i ask?

Friday, November 30, 2007

A bit of THIS and THAT

It was not an eventful day to start the blog with but might as well keep updating this as often as possible.
The only thing worth mentioning would be that there are like so many marriages in the city that the traffic was so so much that you would actually be able to take a nap(if you can withstand the constant honking and yelling) and still would find yourself in the same place.Courtesy the traffic there were like 3 traffic signals under pressure because the traffic wasnt moving as compared to the amount of vehicles coming from behind.
Also,I saw a guy riding a horse in the market which made me think,can he be challaned if he crosses a traffic signal,and there are so many traffic laws he violates including not having a number plate(a horse having a number plate would be some sight!!) and then not giving indications on a turn etc.Although he cannot be booked for speeding or honking 100metres from the traffic
I made cheese n bread for me,after almost burning myself by being distracted while talking on the phone and then cake and vanilla ice cream but that was ok,not that great.I got a footie match in the morning so got shin guards and knee length socks,I wanna try them on after am done blabbering here and promoting this blog on orkut,facebook,msn messenger and yahoo few places but its worth it.
Ishq Vishq comin,I have new found liking for shahid kapoor after jab we met.He looks cute,yeah he does!!
ok until tomorrow this is me signin off.Would let everyone know about my 1st full field match experience,which is going to be horrific I know.Yeah optimism!lol
PEACE @ 23:42


Hi.I would like to welcome all the users to my new and swanky blogger.After a lot of painful(psychologically,ofcourse) days spent thinking about the name for this new blog,thanks to the huge amount of users(and dead blog names) and I finally got this one,thanks to Parinita Shetty ( I hope I get royalty for advertising her
The name of the blog means THE REPORTER,le being french for THE.
I would write all the blah blah I like to comment upon from mentioning something about my city(DELHI) to sports to stuff on TV or any other blah blah I find which is worth the mention.
I would try to keep the blog as updated as possible but due to time constraints and other unavoidable reasons(family blah blah i mean)I might not be able to achieve that but would give it my best shot.
Keep checking back and ask your friends to read too.(yeah if you do that,I might mention your blog name
Goodnight for now.
PEACE AT 02:02am.

Monday, November 19, 2007


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AIt is around 1.30 PM in Delhi. The heat is at its peak and it is not even May yet. People have been waiting at the bus stop for quite a wh...