Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you Male or Female?

Image Source : Streaming Cups of Coffee

There are numerous ways of finding out the answer to the question on the internet by playing some quizzes,solving puzzles but how about something different?Something for a writer?Something less tedious and mind boggling?Read on.

1.Using the websites that you visit : This sites' little script checks on your browser history to analyse if the sites that you recently visited are more manly or girly.Absurd I know,but its pure fun.Click here.

My result :

2.Your blog/website address : Now I have no clue as to how this site decides if you're male or female but then again we're just having fun,right? Click here.

My Result : 99% Female.Its like its bloody accurate,bah!

3.Your written content : It seems to be a rather tried and tested method.Paste your written content and then select if its fiction/non fiction or a blog entry.Now it may depend upon the content every time.I tried by pasting the content of my Paris Hilton's "goof-up" with the British PM.

My Result :

Try the above three methods and tell me what your results were!


  1. Love the post, it's unique :) I am going to follow your blog now.

    "We think is written by a woman (82%)."

    Hah! You're more woman than I am :P

  2. Tanuj I do have to try out the last 2 tests :)

  3. Esha,Welcome to moi blog and thanks for following :) I will subscribe to yours too.

    Those tests are for fun,not to question my gender and make me less of a

    SMM I read about one of them on your blog,tell me how the other two go. :)


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