Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 things you would do if you were the CM

This year there are elections being held in many many countries over the world.World's largest democracy,India, is going for the general elections too. So how about keeping in sync with the politics and welfare of the people saga,we have a list of something to that effect.

The idea of the list is to put together five things that you would do for your state/city as a chief minister/mayor in the order of preference.You have to mention the city/state that you represent and state the 3 things you would do.That's it.And ofcourse tag someone.

So here it goes :

City : New Delhi,India
  1. Improve the transportation system which is a huge mess.

  2. Promote usage of public transport instead of dependence on respectively owned automobiles or even usage of carpools.

  3. Security for women.Its a very important thing for me.

That's my 3 most important tasks in order of preference if I were the chief minister.

I tag Parinita, Karishma and Esha.If more of you want to use it then that'd be great,just leave a link in the comments so we can see too. :D

The other tag post that I wrote,which you can still use on your respective blog locations :
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  1. I can be quite indifferent to political issues, but ya security for women...definitely
    stop harassing young couples
    better transport for bbay as well...look at the number of people dying who die due to railway accidents
    then environment
    and most importantly, forget sex education in sch
    teach them religious tolerance and respect others irrespective of their faith.

  2. And i just realised I was supposed to say 3 things *embarrased smiley*

  3. You were supposed to use the tag and use that as a post topic on your own blog. Yeah religious tolerance is a good point that you raised and highly necessary too.

  4. I second the points raised by you and add a couple more -

    1) Promote efficient use of electricity.

    2) Better connectivity with NCR in terms of public transport

  5. Good points SMM :)
    As for the connectivity with NCR,hope everything changes when metro expands its network.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I am not doing this lol. I commented from other id by mistake DOH. And wasn't it Five things you didn't know about my younger self. When did it magically multiply?

  8. Pari,you are not forced to do it.And thanks for noticing the error.Would edit it right away.


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