Monday, August 10, 2009


I have some very bad news.

This blog is going to be on hiatus until further part of the RSS feed subscribers and email recipients or simply follow this blog to get further updates..ciao amigos!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Job Requirement : "Good communication skills"

Ever since college exams got over I've been looking for jobs. Some companies contact you directly via e-mail, some have consultants who call you/e-mail you and then there is the biggest bunch where the jobs are left for the interested job hunters to look over on job portals.

They have pretty much the same requirement in a candidate with the usual ones being :
2.Able to work in a team
3.Excellent communication skills.

The first two aspects are well and good and very much necessary but the third aspect is quite missing in the candidates and the companies alike. Any sense of sentence formation, spelling and grammar is totally invisible. I captured screenshots of three such instances (I got lazy to look for more).

(Hover over the image to zoom in and zoom out)

Urgent requirement for "Mechnical,Diploma,Sales"? "..will be knowledge of welding machines"? WTF! Also you can't suddenly start off another word with a capital letter! 31TH July and 1TH August? Bah am tired of finding flaws in these.

So if you want this job you must be "responsible, commitment, understandable and (last but not the least) good communication in English". So it doesn't matter if you have no sense of grammar or that your sentences make ZERO sense, as long as you can combine many words in English you're good! Oh by the way, its "totally a FEILD job".

There are way too many in this so I would let you all read and find out the "little" mistakes they made.

So much for our accolade of most number of English speakers than anywhere else in the world!

P.S. There are like 200 million jobs in the Insurance and BPO sector, so if you're unemployed or looking for a change and these are your area of preference then hop on to the job hunting bandwagon!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Buy and Sell Gold

The economy is bad which affects the share market as well. The stock prices go low and you lose investment in huge amounts but you know where there is very little chance of losing out? The commodities exchange. Especially the buying and selling of gold. Currently the price of Rs.14,700(per 10grams) which is quite an expensive buy and its something that would most likely appreciate rather than see the red.

A site that deals in buying and selling of gold is Goldcoinsgain . Its a Century City, California headquartered company which has a long and illustrious history in gold coins and gold bullion .They would provide commendable assistance to you in making a decision keeping in mind the global economic conditions be it an oil spill in the middle east or currency problems.

They have great service of delivering gold to you right where you want it, even if you are California based or anywhere in the country. So you could be a single person or a family or part of an institution you can always call up Aurum Advisors for your needs to buy bullion or buy gold bullion which would eventually help your portfolio and add to your wealth.

P.S. Aurum is the Latin word for Gold. Never knew that!

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