Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 songs of the week

These are the five songs that I've been hooked to over the week :

• Enrique - Somebody's Me
• Unkle Bob - Swans
• P. Diddy - Everything I do
• Grant Lee Philips - Mona Lisa
• Massari - Real Love

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video : Motley Crue - If I die tomorrow

I've gotten fond of this song for some days now. Relate to the words and feel combination with rock makes it great to hear.

Hope ya'll like it too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

WTF is it with...

..guys holding hands?

I should make it clear before hand that am not a homophobe. I respect LGBT community and their fight for the rights that they truly deserve.

Coming back to the point, I have seen many guys holding hands while crossing the road or walking about leisurely. Well I presume they're not gay but why the F*** do you have to hold hands and move about? Many guys holding pinkies too!

You know that's all fine and acceptable until you see guys holding pinkies! Yup, holding pinkies. I mean seriously, what are you trying to do and get out of that situation? An equally stupid scenario is when two guys are holding hands and checking out girls! How heterosexual is that!

I would have to accept that I've been in such a place where this guy in my college held my hand while we were going to the college office. And it was the first year and within a second I remove my hand and asked what he was doing! He laughed it off thinking I was kidding. Mr. S, (aka condom!) I wasn't joking!

But what about equality?

AIt is around 1.30 PM in Delhi. The heat is at its peak and it is not even May yet. People have been waiting at the bus stop for quite a wh...