Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holi : Not so much!

Just when you think the festivals bring together people and create peace and harmony,there comes along an event which shatters your belief and saddens you with the state of things in our country.Holi is the festival of colours and water and laughter for kids and adults both.

One person,however,didn't seem to enjoy these things.CNN IBN reports a fisherman in Shahdol,Madhya Pradesh shot at an 8year old little girl for an innocent act of spraying colour.The 8year old girl got injured at the time but now she's to be recovering.

The villagers beat up the fisherman before handing him over to the police.All this highlights the pathetic condition of the law in our country and how awful as human beings we've become to go to such low levels.I know some of you might say,"..we wouldn't do anything like that" but being a grown up haven't you been peeved at the kids for being so excited about Holi that they started throwing balloons even before Holi?Don't forget you were in that place some time back too.



  1. Hmm I also read in the paper about how a bunch of kids in Mumbai decided it would be funny to hurl water balloons at passing trains. They wanted to fill the balloons with chili powder but didn't find any so put in stones instead. One of the balloons hit the eye of this guy who is the sole earning member of his family and now he's blind in one eye.

  2. Oh I didn't read about that.That's very sad and stupid on the part of those kids.Were those kids apprehended?


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