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Confusing thing about people and love

I have been putting off this post for quite some time and I think its time I should write it and publish it as well.

Everyone of us wants someone who pays attention, is caring, concerned, won't be a jerk and really really likes us in the beginning. This applies truly to either sexes, guys might want to prove how macho they are and how these are all just nonsense things which they don't care about. Even they want these things and probably more than what other girls/guys do.

The relationships in the past have had a bearing in the mindset that you don't really trust anyone and find it extremely difficult to get over your ex. Everyone goes through these things. Getting over an ex, especially when the relationship has been long is hard to do. Takes time, a lot of it.

Despite, all this I fail to understand why some people don't realise that another person has these qualities that they require. They would give you proper attention, care for you, love you, help you always, b…