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Free Hug Campaign

I found this video courtesy my friend Tanay.I totally absolutely loved the idea and the video is awesomely sweet too.

I would really appreciate if you comment on the video and pass on the link.
Here is the direct youtube link, Free Hug Campaign

Great work by Vinit Mehta

There is a campaign for Free Hugs too.Check the Free hug Campaign Website.
Thanks to Parinita Shetty for the link.

Man's best friend?


It is believed that dog is man's best friend but lately that feeling seems to be dwindling in my head.I mean don't get me wrong I like dogs after my friends made me get used to their licking and snooping around but recently the stray dogs in my lane ONLY have become a major pain.

They keep barking and barking all night.Chase cars and the worst is for people on two wheelers who are also chased and may lose balance too.I don't know who to blame for it?Should the Residential society be blamed for not doing enough?Should the MCD be blamed?Should the residents be blamed?

I am of the opinion that the people are to be blamed.The residents I mean.In the name of a good deed or "Punya" as we call it people feed them every day and every night and in turn these stray dogs stick around in the area and would live on these feedings.I agree that they are living organisms too but what is the point of earning Punya in the name of getting …

New Vodafone Ad

This Vodafone ad aired some weeks back on Indian Television sets.At first I found it to be a smart ad and great idea with a very simple logic but as I began to see more of this ad(courtesy IPL) I am beginning to get sick and tired and ridiculing it when it comes.
Some of the points I noticed were :
1.How the guy who helps the girl with the droplet of ink is either very smart or very dumb(my money is on the second option) as he has the time to help the girl and then smile at her while the invigilator collects the papers.I mean if you've been a student then you would know how desperately you want to write when the teacher snatches the paper from you.

2.The teacher is collecting papers from the 1st row and notice how when the camera angle changes the students on the other side of the class are writing as cool-ly and calmly as possible.Again,if you've been a student you realise that at this moment you either cheat and ask others for answers or you just write the last bits franticall…

May Monsoon

The title might sound very absurd considering its not a title I would keep,but I feel is apt to describe the end of the month of May for the year 2008.Delhi generally doesn't have a rainy,watery May but this year was an exception.
Before you think this blog post is about weather changes and effects of Global Warming,its not!
Its about how something/someone came like a calm and cool wind that everyone loves and wants desperately to happen often and left like a storm,a hurricane, a cyclone which left me reeling under its effect.Its happened for the first time that am still jolted and await the breeze to blow on my face again.This might not be proper alliteration either but this is what I liked.
Now you must be wondering who/what I'm talking about..?
Its about the person that matters the most to me in the world,everything about her bothers me.Her smile makes me smile,her tears make me want to cry with her,her little anger scares me,her little pout deserves the attention it gets and f…