Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Five Things You Didn't Know About My Younger Self

Hey my blog information reads I write about anything that catches my attention and interests me.So this post would signify I pay good amount of attention to myself and I take interest in myself.

Actually I have been tagged by Parinita Shetty so I am writing about myself now.Has been long I've done that though..

1.My birth was premature so I was a complicated creature from the very onset of my descend upon this planet.And since it was premature there were a few "abnormalities".I was not as healthy and height wasn't like other babies.Describing it to me my parents had an interesting similie to use.They say I looked like a "little rat" and by no means is it in relation to my character but to my short short body.

Yeah it isn't a great comparison!

2.I had a thing for sliding down the stairs handle.Well the handle was built only after I fell down the stairs which didn't have a handle before.Apparently the athleticism in me isn't new.It continued with the building of the handle.So I would get on the handle and slide down and balance wasn't great so again I would roll down the stairs.

So much so my parents considered moving to the ground floor of the house because of my "roll down the stairs" abilities.

Also these rolling down the stairs have a mark on the sides of my forehead,I think these are 3-4stitches.So I look somewhat like Harry Potter with those marks on his head.(except his craziness..No disrespect intended for Harry Potter fans)

3.Contrary to the situation now,I was a nerd till I was in class 4.I used to come in 2nd in the class only to the bigger nerd than me Somya Verma.(Boo her! Yeah am competitive since an early age!)I remember once beating my best friend back then by a meager 0.1% and being overjoyed because I continued my coming 2nd streak and envious of that girl again because well she had topped again!

4.Me and my cousin sister would buy a "toy" every Sunday from the local store and it would be EVERY Sunday,no misses. Toys would be of various types and prices.Its not necessary that the toy would be all manly or boyish but I would look what my sister liked so it "could" be a lil girly too. And yes it was "sometimes" girly.Example:Tea Set,Doctor set and my favourite game was "Ghar Ghar". (Enough embarrassing stuff for today!)

In my defense, she picked guyish stuff too sometimes!

5.You see how kids today would hog TV and not let go of it?Be it during meals or even before sleeping? I was different back then. While all my brothers and sisters would watch cartoons and other shows. I would keep away and I've been told I would never watch TV and would prefer to read comic books.(Champak,Tinkle and others were better doses of entertainment)

Such different childhood and totally different as a grown up.*sighs*
*Goes into nostalgia*

P.S.As an ending note I would like to attach this image of me and my brother as kids and I don't know where its clicked but seems like a hill station in East of India.Probably.I looked so adorable.(Yeah modesty takes a hit sometimes!)


  1. 1. Ha! Nice try for defending your lack of height.

    2. "Dude, seriously?" :P

    3. Gee, you? A nerd? Hell is officially breaking loose.

    4. I loved playing "Ghar Ghar" with Madhuri. Were you the wife or husband?

    5. I read a lot + watched T.V. a lot. Beat that.

    P.S. Mine was better :P

  2. 1.Its not defending my lack of height.Its just a birth defect.

    2.Better comments would be appreciated!!*coughCRITICALcough*

    3.Yeah see I was so different as a kid.

    4.I was obviously the husband until and unless I would get bored and be the wife or my sister would make me the wife.I don't remember which I enjoyed more :p

    5.Typical! Beat no watching TV as a kid.

    P.S.My comments were better :p

  3. good job done bro....i love the pic u hv up thr....u guys look so cute
    keep it up

  4. hahahah tanuj i guess u were always short...it was meant to be shorty.....muhahahhahha......also u n nerd ha rite what a joke........and what athleticism are u talkin abt.....not seen any of it except maybe once or twice while playin tennis.....muhahahhaha im in a super evil mood......lol nice post ;)

  5. @Isha,Thank you Thank you.By the way the fourth point mentions you if you noticed.Lol.

    @Stu,See now I know the reason why am short,its not because I didn't work on it.Its destiny*sheds a tear*.

    And yeah I was a nerd/studious until class 4,things went down from there.Lol.

    You've not seen me play football and I would run about for every ball possible in tennis too so DO NOT question my athleticism!

    (When are you not in a super evil mood?I would write a post then!Lol) Thanks :D

  6. Dude, east of India???? do u have any sense of geography at all :) ? It is clear those hats or caps or inverted bowls are himachal things, so its most probably some place near our more than numerous times visited destination: SHIMLA.

  7. yea man i know u've talked abt me in that point :P
    but yo i never got any guy stuff....imma kill u...lol
    btw is that really shimla???

  8. @Puneet,Actually I didn't even think of that and mummy didn't remember either so didn't have the slightest clue.

    @Isha,It is true.You purchased guy-ish things so many times.I really don't remember which ones but you did.And Nanu is saying toh hogi,Mujhe yaad nahi.lol.

  9. hmm too late for a post of "11 NOV" ..**dnt mind my highlighting the date**...lol but the 3 point kinda forced me to say " I agree with you "..lol
    days when 0.5 evn mattered to us...ahh

  10. Anki,comments are always welcome,whatever the date. 0.5% is significantly different than my joy of 0.1%! :D


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