Sunday, April 19, 2009

Britain's got talent

I'm sure everyone has seen this video of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.If you haven't then you :

1.are not from this planet
2.don't watch news much
3.have very few sharing friends
4.turn on the internet,check your mail and your facebook/orkut/myspace(seriously myspace?) and get out don't care about the mail,you just check facebook/orkut/myspace!(god help you!)
6.need to tell me how you landed up here!? Am I this popular?

OK enough rambling.I would help you get outta that shell,so here you go.

Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing - Watch more Funny Videos

This lady was laughed at and made fun of by audience,hosts and judges alike but hey awesome voice,eh?Watch out for the bit where she starts singing and Simon's eyebrows go up.Classic! She's tipped to be in the running to win the whole show already.

What d'ya think?


  1. Myspace is definitely not worse than Orkut.

  2. Well in terms of users who bug you with "wanna b frands" I think Orkut would win.But in terms of usability and clutter free profiles Myspace sucks for sure.

  3. tanuj u suck......what type of friend are u....uve written a blog on this video but not told me about it yet....i guess i have v v few sharing friends

  4. lol.Stu,just start using google reader and i would share everything.besides I mail almost everything that I come across through the various blogs that I read! I forgot about this one though.I saw it even before CNN reported


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