Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My least favourite word is...

...WHATEVER, which many of you are aware irks me beyond limits. So much so, people found it amusing for it to be used around me just to get a reaction from me. And its not that its used in only one context of "end of topic" but also as a method to dismiss a question asked.

Now I realised last week that am not the only one who finds the word annoying. Apparently, 47% Americans surveyed do too. Its weird in two respects :

1. My view point is shared with Americans too! I wonder if I should feel offended :p
2. The source is a college telephone poll so having them agree with what I feel is somewhat absurd for me.

The other words which made it to the most annoying list are "You know" , "It is what it is" , "Anyway" and "At the end of the day". Why would anyone be annoyed with "At the end of the day" ?! Oh I have another one "my bad" , whatever happened to a simple "SORRY"!?

[Source : Times of India]


  1. whatever :p :p ...
    I think its the best way to parry stupid questions.. But as far as I remember I strted to hate this word when it was used in KKKG by kareena to show useless attitude .. :D

  2. It might be the best way to parry stupid questions but it is also annoying at the same time. Although the question might not be stupid, it could be just uncomfortable or something someone want to answer.Oh that totally skipped my mind, Kareena's fake attitude. My god was it annoying!


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