Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Link : Today's news channels!

Found this hilarious piece after my blog hopping spree. I'm certain you all would have heard the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill"? Yeah. So how would the news channels in India report it? NDTV is used here as an example but it does apply to nearly all the channels. Enjoy!

India - travels in my nightie: Two persons hurt in climbing mishap


  1. lol ..nice one.

    The channels today are airing Raju shrivastava's remix of "Jack and Jill"
    here is a piece of it
    Jack and Jilwa
    Went up the hilwa
    Paniya bharan waaste

  2. Didn't he do it in the show? Lol. That was funny. I would hate to imagine India TV reporting this same scenario.

  3. the piece above was kinda gross :p I should have posted the link ;)
    Will post the you tube link whenever it is out.. :D :D Cya ..

  4. yeah he did.I don't follow the
    episodes but saw the clip in the evening "news"..:D

  5. I found it funny. Well at that time I did.I think the youtube video would already exist, needs looking :D


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