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Little Blah here,Little Blah there

I am sorry for not being regular (like anyone reads this but what the hell!)
Well this blog post is going to cover up for the whole April. Since this is a whole month and so far we're done with 23 days, am going to diversify this into 3parts.

1. General Blabber bibber
2. College fashion (yeah read on!)
3. Global Warming (yes I will also give you information on this!)

Well let’s start off.
I was thinking of stopping from writing blogs but all of my readers’ love brought me back (this is what I would have said had you people commented!) but somehow I brought myself back(courtesy that special someone who comments on my blog and is a fan of my writing (yes loadsa crap!)).So to all those out there, here, everywhere, even those who are online when they’re not supposed to be and all those who just stumbled upon this blog from somewhere, I would be very grateful if you people commented. It does nothing but appreciates the writer and motivates him/her and I don’t mean it for my blog alone but fo…