Saturday, October 3, 2009

Must Read : Karan Johar is raped by MNS

Karan Johar produced, Wake Up Sid, hit the theaters yesterday but as with many other big movies in the past, it was caught in a controversy. Controversy called petty politics. Raj Thackeray run MNS created a furore with the movie mentioning Mumbai as Bombay. (Yeah that's the reason!) So much so KJ had to apologise to the politician in person and make a politically correct statement of how it could have hurt people's sentiments.

Hansal Mehta, a director himself wrote an account of what happened to him when his misinterpreted dialogue got him into a world of trouble. Read it here, Passion for Cinema.

The comments section led me to a very interesting post by Ratnakar Sadasyula, where Rabindranath Tagore's legendary poem titled "Where the mind is without fear" is shown to have relevance even today. Read it here, Sleepless in Cyberia.

Hope you enjoy both the posts and spread it along with commenting it. It doesn't take much time to express what you think and even lesser time in spreading it. Those stupid and senseless quizzes on Facebook can be played later. Thanks.

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