Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Untitled Post..

Following my previous poetic experience and the appreciation that I received through it, I thought I should put up another one. This one I thought about last night and although it isn't as good as the previous one but truly reflects what I feel.

So here I go.

Always thought big serious relationships were hoax,
Always thought real love was an imaginary thing,
Always thought those words they use are too mushy...

Now I sit here waiting to hear those 3 mushy words,
From the one I truly love,
Wanting a serious relationship lasting forever and ever...

Not really a poem but its not like am running a poem writing competition in here!

Btw, how did you guys find it?Like it?Don't like it?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Football in the Park and the problems!

Many of the regulars would be aware that am a footie fanatic and to those who are new,welcome and you should know am a football fan.

So yeah we play football in our colony park almost every evening and its good fun except for when I lose and the muddy playing area.

First of all I would like to describe the parks situation in my colony.There are two parks right opposite each other.One is a small park with swings for kids and a walking area for right around it.The other park is where we play which is bigger and also has a sidewalk around it and a partition between it so we play football on one side and there are 2 badminton courts on the other side. So I hope you get the picture.

Now to the problems.For some weird reason unknown to me,the oldies prefer to walk right through the middle of the park when we're playing rather than using the sidewalk.One particular lady who does this everyday explains walking on the grass is good for the body.What confuses me about this reasoning is the fact that there is no freakin' grass from where you're walking!
Also,the sidewalk areas make for the goals so many a times it happens that the ball goes at pace but misses them by a mile and their atrocious reasoning goes "Mujhe lag jaati toh?" and when it does hit them ,it goes "Tumhare sorry bolne se kya hoga.Tum toh bol ke nikal jaoge,pain toh humein hoga na!".My advice to them,"If you know that we don't care why the hell are you yelling at us and why don't you walk in the opposite park!"

Which is what lead to the whole point of this post.We/I got into an argument with three aunties over the ball hitting them/not hitting them and their great reasoning skills.I suggested they walk in the other park and one lady's response was,"We don't want to get hit by the swings as they go really high and besides the kids are taken care of by the maids there,we don't want to walk with the maids". So basically you would brave the football coming at pace than swings which may or may not be used.And the worst part of the reasoning,aren't maids kept by you only? Aren't they human too? Do you not stay in the same house as them and they take care of YOUR children and you talk of them as if they are some sort of untouchables? My three lettered response to those aunties,WTF!

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