Monday, February 16, 2009

Cricket : Adam Voges fabulous catch

I never imagined there would be a cricket related post here on my blog but then again classic events cannot be ignored,right?

Australia played New Zealand today in a T-20 game.At a crucial juncture of the game(19th over to be precise),Adam Voges took a fabulous catch on the rope.

For all those who are cricketically challenged,if you cross the boundary line then its six runs and the catch is counted invalid.For it to be a valid catch the person/fielder has to be on the playing field.As you see in the video,Voges isn't in total control of his body and is leaning towards the boundary which would have made it six runs.So he throws the ball in the air and returns to the playing field to catch it back,thus making it totally valid. Its a fabulous catch and deserves to be counted for great plays.ESPN are you listening?


  1. OMG.....that was soooooo brilliant.....has to be the one of the best catches in cricket ever.......amazing.....never thot ill see a cricket entry on your blog....but if it had to be one.......this was quite

  2. I agree.Its a fabulous catch and to actually catch it when going back despite the stumble from the rope is miraculous too.

    Oh stu,in other tennis news.Murray killed nadal yesterday in Rotterdam.6-3,4-6,6-0.Whats startling is the 3rd set demolition of world number 1.Was he suffering from an injury or ailment?

  3. Update : Nadal had a knee injury before the match and he battled through but couldn't prevail.Tough luck and true spirit shown by the world number one.


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