Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stop Eve Teasing

I stumbled upon a page yesterday of an organisation called BLANK NOISE,which works for prevention of Sexual Harassment which is prevalent in our male dominated society.In the wake of the Afghan government legalizing 'Marital Rape' which allows the husband to rape his wife.This is highly derogatory for the females all over the world.This is how me,a male feels,just imagine how outraged the ladies would be.

Coming back to the Indian society.I don't think it would be very hard to think of a time if you've seen eve teasing taking place.Be it groping or just plain old stalking/staring/finger pointing.You could have been at the receiving end or you could have been a witness or you could have been the disgusting+filthy+pervert+a$$hole who actually did something as horrible as this.

This group/organisation aims at creating awareness about what to do in such situations.People can report any events of eve teasing and what they did about it or didn't do anything about it.Just when you think Eve-teasing is only physical,you'd be wrong.Its also the body language of the other person and many a times its verbal by passing lewd comments.

It doesn't depend if you're in a highly educated state like Kerela or a metropolis like Mumbai or a religious place like Varanasi,no place is devoid of such eve teasing and no one set of "mawali" people behind it but it can be beggar kids in the street making "fun" of the foreigners or your buildings watchman who watches you go up and come down every day or an educated person walking down the street.

The whole point of this post and the organisation is not to "let it go" which is the attitude in many such cases but to report the matter and the organisation homepage also explains how to lodge an FIR.

Remember this,not only is the victim to blame for not reporting or doing anything about Eve teasing but also the public for being just "spectators".

Do not let this continue.STOP EVE TEASING.DON'T BE A SPECTATOR.

Links :
Organisation Page

Pictures by Victims of Eve Teasing

Blank Noise on Facebook

Join the movement and spread the word.


  1. Hey Tanuj
    Really like this post
    I'm quite surprised actually to see a guy on our side
    Most men don't consider marital rape as rape.....they believe the woman is their 'property' and so they can do whatever they want.
    And this country is sick really...that I go to a temple in a 'kurta' and the priest has to fuckin stare like a pervert

  2. Thanks.I don't understand how if the girl is considered to be part of the "property" then why the guy cannot be given the same status(considering the concept of marital rape is believed to go through..) Every person has a unique and distinct identity.Why consider them to be part of your property in the first place?
    I actually thought the priests/bishops and other rigorous religious preachers would at least be the decent lot and not be the biggest pervert and eve teasers possible.Its very very shocking.

  3. Yeah priests are pervs too. That day when mom took me to the temple near her office, this priest had the dirtiest stare ever.

    P.S. Women in trains stare at me top-to-down too!

  4. Women stare at girls to see what they're wearing and god knows what else.But I really don't think they would have wrong intentions.Well hope so.


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