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This post is long overdue because I had to show my gf this tattoo and now that she's seen it and am not that lazy anymore,this post is possible.
OK I had always wanted to get a tattoo and I had set a deadline for end November,2007 but that didn't materialize courtesy the friend who I wouldn't like to name because he's wanted for crimes under blah blah section of Indian NO law code and my blog has a lot of readership mainly in India and even the police read my blogs because I know plenty of criminals.OK enough rambling.
So now after researching about tattoo artists in and around Delhi from friends and web,I picked two artists who were good and then picked the one in Vasant Vihar,Priya,Basant lok complex.Devilz Tattooz.
15 December,2006
The day I get my tattoo.Reached there around 2ish after confirming with Nonu that he's coming too,mainly for emotional meeting the artist,Lokesh,who also had tattoos to show off on his arms which weren't totally reve…

champions league Round of 16

The Champions league draw for the first knock out stage,8 matches,16 high caliber teams battle it out to reach the next stage.Remember,two teams who were already in the group stages and from the same country cannot meet in this part of the round.The first leg will be played on February 19/20 and March 4/5,2009.

Celtic(Scotland) vs Barcelona(Spain)

Lyon(France) vs Manchester United(England)

Schalke(Germany) vs Porto(Portugal)

Liverpool(England) vs Inter Milan(Italy)

Roma(Italy) vs Real Madrid(Spain)

Arsenal(England) vs AC Milan(Italy)

Olympiakos(Greece) vs Chelsea(England)

Fenerbahce(Turkey) vs Sevilla(Spain)

Celtic Vs Barcelona
Celtic would have to really work hard to overcome the likes of messi and eto'o and ronaldinho.They would have to really do well at Celtic Park to have any chance as I don't see them doing well at Nou Camp.Finally,a breeze through for Catalan giants.

Lyon vs Manchester United
Now this is a toughie and would be a fascinating tie.I don't think Manchester United su…

awesome awesome ad

Nowadays am in love with the new airtel ad which is out.The one with two kids on a border and being united with the link of football.I mean two things just make me love an ad or a movie or any creation,if it is about football and/or its about peace in the world and this thing had both.Its very heart warming to see how two kids unknown to each others language just understand the meaning via the language of football.Also another beautiful aspect is when one kid helps the other when his tshirt gets tangled in the barbed wire.And the words that come thereafter mixed with a great jingle by a.r.rahman "THERES NO WALL,NO BARRIER ONLY IF WE TALK TO EACH OTHER" just are superb.I hope you enjoy and love it too.

reality check

“Behavior is a mirror in which every one displays his image.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”
Oprah Winfrey

"Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act."
George W. Crane

Have you ever had those days when you feel really bad about yourself?Like totally are disgusted with yourself and your behavior?
Well,thats what is happening to me NOW.I know of the exiguous readers that I have no one actually cares what is happening in my life.Agreed but this can be general also if you tend to apply the same position I'm in to your life.So continuing,you feel good about yourself and you think you're all goodie goodie,BAM!!NEWSFLASH:SOME PEOPLE WOULD DIFFER WITH YOUR "THOUGHT".And,the person who would differ is not someone you've been mean to or that guy in school/college you tend to pick on a lot but some…

more than parents

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head. ~Terry Josephson

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use. ~Soren Kierkegaard

I wanted to write this blog about 3-4 weeks back,on the topic I have in mind that is.I was watching the oldie shows that are running on zee cafe for like forever,I've seen full house like 200million times already and its still going on!!And c'mon till whenare we going to see friends reruns?Agreed I'm watching that show at this very second am writing this line but still don't we need newer shows.I'm pretty sure even with the writers' strike in US there are still shows that are gonna appeal to Indian audience,mainly teenage audience I mean.Ok moving on from this T.V. show topic.
I was watching that show and the theme for that episode was that the main character in the show,kevin as the character is called and his friend Paul are two …


Not a happening day.
Only thing I'd like to mention is that WHY THE FUCK IS BUS NO 413 SO FUCKIN CROWDED??I mean WHY is there so less number of buses for the ones that I use.First it was 433 and now this!! I mean why the hell!!! Why can't there be more number of it?People get on it like crazy and there is no fuckin space(yeah imagine you cant fuck your gf/wife/mistress/other imaginations that you may possess*rolls eyes*),screw fuck, you don't even get standing space let alone sitting space.The only thing I can do while standing there hanging like am practicing for some weird dancing moves is listen to my ipod and look at the nice cute girls who enter the bus,but unfortunately i've been deprived of that courtesy my college friends who show up on that same bus and stand on the rear side of the bus and all the girls get on from the front door so don't get the view and courtesy another guy,who is like obsessed with listening to my ipod doesn't let go of it and I don…

EURO 2008

Groups for the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland:

Group A:
Czech Republic

Group B:

Group C:

Group D:

Look at the group C!!
I mean the prospects of italy(world champs),netherlands and france(finalists in world cup) being pitted in the same group how awesome is that.But then again that would mean one of these heavyweights(or duds as they may turn out to be..) would crash out in the group stages itself.Is that a good thing I ask?To have three giants of football(so are england but bah!! F U CROACS!!) being put in the same group..would like to hear comments on this.(or any comments @ all as this blog is deprived of that!!)
OH OH,we won our first match 4-3 yeah well done us.we did play passing,not entirely but better than game 1.also we had 2 red cards to our popular team we'd be!!
Enough for today,not much in the typing mood.


So here I am,using my pc for update this time around because I'm presuming its fixed now as it hasn't shut down on itself YET *fingers crossed*
Its 15:46(3:46pm for all people unaware of millitary time conversions) and I'm done with football and lunch.
OK about football.We lost 9-0.Yeah you saw it right.9 zilch!!*insert other translations of zero here*it was fun to play but only problem WE DINT GET THE F-IN BALL.the times we did,we would always be great generous people and give it back to our opponents who were all blacks,dunno where they hail from??The full field isnt that long,at least for me,to run ie coz I DIDN'T RUN its long for passing it over the other teams' players.We lacked discipline and skill to be out there on the pitch to win.they were good in running,passing,skills which turns out to be the whole friggin game!!
We did create two chances for goals though.One was good passing from me and another guy but then there…