Sunday, February 22, 2009

WTF's: Boy married to dog and more..

From today onwards I would be starting a section on my blog entitled "WTF Section"(Yeah couldn't be easier than that!) where I would post some of the weirdest,most absurdest,most bizarre events that took place during the week but were secluded to the sides of the newspapers. This section would be updated every Sunday at noon(IST).


A little boy in Bhubhaneshwar,Orissa was married off to the neighbors' dog to prevent him from being killed by wild animals.

Now you might want to know why was he wedded off when he's underage?(let's try and ignore the fact that he's married off to a dog for now!)

The simple reason,he developed a tooth on his upper gum! The villagers apparently believe this is a bad omen and the tribal gods will bless the child and ward off any attacks by tigers and other animals in the future.

The local priest performed the marriage ritual at the temple by chanting Sanskrit hymns.The "marriage" was attended by around 150 tribals.

Although there are two positives from this WTF-ness,no dowry was exchanged and the boy can marry a human girl in the future without filing for divorce.

My questions are,Would the bitch file for monetary settlement in the future?
Can the bitch marry too without filing for divorce?

In the end,I would like to congratulate,Sagula(the groom) and Jyoti(the bride) and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

(Source : Reuters)


You know those "Dummies guide to..." books that exist which range from technological topics to adoption to anger management.The topics sometimes seem a little weird to be having a whole book about.Don't get me wrong,they are wonderful books and work for everyone; from a newbie to a professional. Although they made a little error in their Instant messaging for dummies book. Check the image below.(Click image if it isn't clear)

Think there was something even more weird/absurd/bizarre than this?Was there something else which made you exclaim WTF!? Leave a comment.


  1. LOL, the first one is just plain weird O_O'

    Another thing that happened was the whole comic faisco in the U.S. recently. Where an artist drew a black monkey and everyone took it as an insult to Obama or something :|

  2. Yeah New York Times carried that cartoon piece and has since apologised after denying it was meant to be racist.


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