Sunday, March 15, 2009

WTF's : Television bill for the dead and more..

WTF Section was missing last week due to busy schedule.However,I promised an update and you would get an update!


Of all things possible there is one thing that is never late and never goes missing too,and that's the BILL.Be it for telephone,TV or any other thing imaginable.However there can be the odd mistake and a bizarre one at that.

This bizarre mistake happened in Berlin,Germany where German broadcaster GEZ sent a letter to a certain mathematician by the name of Adam Ries.Adam Ries,an algebra expert,purchased the house in 1525(yes that's 484 years ago).The letter to pay the dues for TV and Radio usage was received by the owner of the club which was started in the honour of the math wiz.

Ries died in 1559 and the company was intimated of their error but still to make sure it wasn't an excuse by the club,the company sent another reminder.

Oh while we're at it,it would be interesting to note that TV was invented in 1923!

(Source : Reuters)


Emergency!Cellphone battery dead!Don't fret the phone booth is just ahead.(174 KMS ahead in this case!)

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