Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 things you would do if you were the CM

This year there are elections being held in many many countries over the world.World's largest democracy,India, is going for the general elections too. So how about keeping in sync with the politics and welfare of the people saga,we have a list of something to that effect.

The idea of the list is to put together five things that you would do for your state/city as a chief minister/mayor in the order of preference.You have to mention the city/state that you represent and state the 3 things you would do.That's it.And ofcourse tag someone.

So here it goes :

City : New Delhi,India
  1. Improve the transportation system which is a huge mess.

  2. Promote usage of public transport instead of dependence on respectively owned automobiles or even usage of carpools.

  3. Security for women.Its a very important thing for me.

That's my 3 most important tasks in order of preference if I were the chief minister.

I tag Parinita, Karishma and Esha.If more of you want to use it then that'd be great,just leave a link in the comments so we can see too. :D

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Go read these!

I found these on my RSS feed and found them to be must share. Just click on the links and they would take you to the full story.You can leave comments here too :D

1.Predatory Taxation

- How different are Obama's policies and ideas than that of the mortgage seller who promised cheap mortgages on home purchases?

2.Great Indian Soap Opera Plot Generator

- How do you create an indian soap opera in these recession filled times? Just follow the guidelines and you're good to go!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Britain's got talent

I'm sure everyone has seen this video of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent.If you haven't then you :

1.are not from this planet
2.don't watch news much
3.have very few sharing friends
4.turn on the internet,check your mail and your facebook/orkut/myspace(seriously myspace?) and get out don't care about the mail,you just check facebook/orkut/myspace!(god help you!)
6.need to tell me how you landed up here!? Am I this popular?

OK enough rambling.I would help you get outta that shell,so here you go.

Susan Boyle Stuns Crowd with Epic Singing - Watch more Funny Videos

This lady was laughed at and made fun of by audience,hosts and judges alike but hey awesome voice,eh?Watch out for the bit where she starts singing and Simon's eyebrows go up.Classic! She's tipped to be in the running to win the whole show already.

What d'ya think?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

404 Errors

Everyone has seen those 4040 Errors which are shown when the page cannot be found.Internet Explorer shows the ugly page and you have to think what to do next.Although,some websites create a 404 page on their own.So if a person reached a dead link it would show that error and in most cases explain what to do next.It can be simple but some can be funny as well.

The 100 most funny and unusual error 404 messages


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stop Eve Teasing

I stumbled upon a page yesterday of an organisation called BLANK NOISE,which works for prevention of Sexual Harassment which is prevalent in our male dominated society.In the wake of the Afghan government legalizing 'Marital Rape' which allows the husband to rape his wife.This is highly derogatory for the females all over the world.This is how me,a male feels,just imagine how outraged the ladies would be.

Coming back to the Indian society.I don't think it would be very hard to think of a time if you've seen eve teasing taking place.Be it groping or just plain old stalking/staring/finger pointing.You could have been at the receiving end or you could have been a witness or you could have been the disgusting+filthy+pervert+a$$hole who actually did something as horrible as this.

This group/organisation aims at creating awareness about what to do in such situations.People can report any events of eve teasing and what they did about it or didn't do anything about it.Just when you think Eve-teasing is only physical,you'd be wrong.Its also the body language of the other person and many a times its verbal by passing lewd comments.

It doesn't depend if you're in a highly educated state like Kerela or a metropolis like Mumbai or a religious place like Varanasi,no place is devoid of such eve teasing and no one set of "mawali" people behind it but it can be beggar kids in the street making "fun" of the foreigners or your buildings watchman who watches you go up and come down every day or an educated person walking down the street.

The whole point of this post and the organisation is not to "let it go" which is the attitude in many such cases but to report the matter and the organisation homepage also explains how to lodge an FIR.

Remember this,not only is the victim to blame for not reporting or doing anything about Eve teasing but also the public for being just "spectators".

Do not let this continue.STOP EVE TEASING.DON'T BE A SPECTATOR.

Links :
Organisation Page

Pictures by Victims of Eve Teasing

Blank Noise on Facebook

Join the movement and spread the word.

BJP : Bhay Ho!

Its been some time since I updated anything here.Now everyday you turn on the television to catch up on the news events of the day it starts off with the Lok Sabha Elections,continues with the Lok Sabha Elections and ends with the Lok Sabha Elections.

This is an advert which recently aired on national TV by BJP going against Congress' copyrighted 'Jai Ho' campaign.Its catchy but to be honest but on the point of who I would vote for,it won't change and it might never will.I don't preach religion!

Anyway,here is the video.If its not available then let me know in comments please,BJP's online activists are "working really hard" to take them down!

But what about equality?

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