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Quick little quote:Democracy is the most used and least understood word.


Hope keeps you going.
Hope keeps you motivated.
Hope makes you wish.
Hope makes you live.
But, hope, also hurts.
Hope stings you most.
Hope makes you vulnerable.
Hope makes you weak.
And, in the end, it's hope that kills you.


Early morning greetings. Over.
Good night messages. Over.
Random how's the day going. Over.
Daily phone calls. Over.
Annual visits. Over.
Kiss upon arrival. Over.
Obscure musings. Over.
Hand holding. Over.
Fingers locked. Over.
Goodbye kiss. Over.
I love you. Over.
You and Me. Over.


Behind every strong exterior is an insecurity filled interior.
Not everyone can see, not everyone deserves to see.

India does not deserve my vote

After Wednesday's 'incident' of a farmer committing suicide at the AAP rally, and the blame game that began, it's become clearer now more than ever that value of life in India matters little to none. It's worth gets reduced even further when put in the hands of the politicians.
Every four years, I enter a polling booth to cast my vote and pick one of the parties to lead my state/country. This choice is made entirely on the basis of my expectations of them and how much their public view points tally with mine. So basically I cast my vote in hope of seeing my life improve. To see the standard of living improve, education, services, and probably above everything - the society.
But what is the point of voting and expecting improvement in one's life when there is no life to speak of?
Now that man may have been a farmer or may not have been a farmer (as has been claimed) but the whole episode just reeks of complete disregard for human life. But what cannot be ignored is…

Quoteism - 2

Keeping with the previous Quoteism, here is another. Scepticism and pessimism, and not optimism, keeps one close to realism.

Views on 'India's Daughter' documentary

Just finished watching the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’. Observations (and some opinions):
Bold, powerful and thought provoking. Covers all angles that a documentary should - rapists/convicted, law makers, psychiatrists, members of the society and friends/family of those associated. My understanding of why the Information & Broadcasting Ministry had a ban on Indian airing is because of the rapists brazen comments in reference to women, rape and criminal activities. Reason why it escalated is because there is no sense of remorse whatsoever which is disappointing, shocking and unnerving.Further problems added by the defence lawyers who in a way justify the act with their comments. While I would say that it is their job to say such things in order to keep the case alive as it is still undergoing after appeal. Their statements reek of disrespect towards women and highlight that they find men superior than women.It is worth noting that the police and/or the government tried their …

Life goes on

For quite some time, I used to wish that if/when I were to die, things would come to a standstill. Not in a time will stand still kind of metaphorical basis but in a people's lives will come to a grinding halt kind of basis. 

Yes that is selfish but isn't that what we are? We yarn to make a change in the world, on people around us - for better or for worse. And this is yet another selfish desire, last desire so to speak.

But I've come to the realisation that it doesn't happen. However much we want for it to happen - it doesn't. Yes people will shed bucketload amount of tears, there will be sadness, there will be that air of uncomfortableness but at the end of the day, it's just temporary. There will be the customs and traditions being followed and done with but after that, everyone goes home and sleeps it off.

I've tried to understand why is it that I want people's lives to stop; for their daily activities to be affected. And the answer, I think, is that e…


It is difficult to define 'baggage' in human feelings terms. Maybe it's not so much difficult to 'define' but difficult to narrow down.
To most, baggage is the negative feelings or vibes you carry from previous romantic relationships to your life forward or to your next relationship(s). But why is it reduced to just romantic relationships I wonder?
Why not other form of relationships too? Friends for example and what they've done (or not done), can be baggage too. Friends probably matter more than a significant other does to some people. Friends can have a more damaging and more long lasting impact that a relationship might not.
Solution? Cut them loose. Break up. It stings and it's difficult but it's got to be done when there is no solution. Not everything works out - same applies to a friendship. You can try to keep it going but at some point you just realise it's not going to work out. You're putting in more effort in keeping it going than…


I like quotes. Sometimes more than stories or poems. Although one could argue that they can and do interject. Though for now, let's not go that way. A few quotes I just made up: One is taught to go for the stars,
Go for the unimaginable,
Dream or aim big,
But life doesn't feel that way.
Some dreams,
Some stars,
Some targets,
Are impossible. -- Bad experiences leave scars,
Scars leave a cynic. ---