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Delhi vs Mumbai: Political Capital vs Financial Capital


I apologise that I haven't written in 2months,so here I am with a well a cliched topic!

I know this topic has been discussed time and again and its like New York vs Washington,Men vs Women(cliched comparisons I mean) but I wanted to jump the bandwagon too as well I recently visited Mumbai and since am a Delhite,the comparisons just becomes well inevitable.

I won't be comparing based upon random things which other sites/blogs would but I would be making the comparison upon things that matter to ME!So you see how something that might matter to you,may/may not matter to me.In short,I decide what goes!

I would be putting down 5 positives of both the cities,so here we go!

Delhi(because home comes first!)

1.Food - I mean who cannot like Delhi food.There is street food,which includes Indian and Tibetan(Momos,big hit!) then there are restaurants which offer every cuisine a normal human being would want to eat.(Yes that rules out rats and other weird animals.TOO BAD!)

2.Space - There is …