Sunday, August 24, 2008

Delhi vs Mumbai: Political Capital vs Financial Capital


I apologise that I haven't written in 2months,so here I am with a well a cliched topic!

I know this topic has been discussed time and again and its like New York vs Washington,Men vs Women(cliched comparisons I mean) but I wanted to jump the bandwagon too as well I recently visited Mumbai and since am a Delhite,the comparisons just becomes well inevitable.

I won't be comparing based upon random things which other sites/blogs would but I would be making the comparison upon things that matter to ME!So you see how something that might matter to you,may/may not matter to me.In short,I decide what goes!

I would be putting down 5 positives of both the cities,so here we go!

Delhi(because home comes first!)

1.Food - I mean who cannot like Delhi food.There is street food,which includes Indian and Tibetan(Momos,big hit!) then there are restaurants which offer every cuisine a normal human being would want to eat.(Yes that rules out rats and other weird animals.TOO BAD!)

2.Space - There is ample space.Well compared to other big cities I've been to.And this by the way does not include parking spaces which is well a big problem but other than that there is good enough space to roam about and have parks and all.

3.Metro - Although the transport in general is a mess with over charging autos,buses not being comfortable but Metro is a great service.Although its getting messy now too but who cares! Public transport hai what do you expect!?

4.Infrastructure - Look at the roads,the flyovers,the toll bridges! You think you've reached some German city where there is no speed limit and you can zip pass the slow cars or well slow drivers too.(oldies need to learn to move faster than 40kmph!)

5.More brands - Well this doesn't matter much to me but hey compare the brands we have here to the ones in other big cities.And Delhi doesn't mean Delhi ONLY but NCR(national capital region) so we have looooadsa places to chill and shop.

Mumbai(probably the second home :p)

1.Law abiders - Yeah people here actually abide by the law and it doesn't matter if its day time or night time.Law is Law! I like it when people abide by the law,especially road rules like lane driving and respecting the road signs and if the sign says ONE WAY then it has to be ONE WAY and not change to two way that happens in Delhi.

2.Transport - Unlike the auto walah's in Delhi who just charge according to their whims and fancies,Mumbai auto walah's would take you according to the meter and so would the cabbies.Be it day,be it night.Meter is what decides the fare and there is no bickering over the charges too.As for the prime transport "The Local Train",its great but I would die to get inside it in one go,especially in rush hours and sometimes I think the rush hours don't end at all!

3.Respect for Women/Security - This is a very strong issue for me as I firmly believe that men in Delhi only think of women as show pieces and wouldn't let go of an opportunity to stare inside a girls' shirt! Although Mumbai men are no less who do the same but at least they don't turn to such heinous acts which men in Delhi are famous for.I would see girls in Mumbai move around without much tension at night but in Delhi moving around in the colony itself at night is a thing I've still not seen.

4.Babus - Government servants or Babus as they are called,do not work on a "bribe and work" policy which happens often here in Delhi.You can get the work done without bribing someone and the quickness would be the same if you had bribed too.So better to keep the money in your pocket!

5.Concerts - Yes! Mumbai hosts many concerts and many international artists come to Mumbai for a gig but seeing them in Delhi is a dream which still has to be fulfilled.Boo you Delhi Government with its lax arrangement and high entertainment tax!

So I leave it up to you to decide which city you like more(because I don't know which I like more!) and leave your comments.

Thanks for reading!

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