Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Vodafone Ad

This Vodafone ad aired some weeks back on Indian Television sets.At first I found it to be a smart ad and great idea with a very simple logic but as I began to see more of this ad(courtesy IPL) I am beginning to get sick and tired and ridiculing it when it comes.
Some of the points I noticed were :
1.How the guy who helps the girl with the droplet of ink is either very smart or very dumb(my money is on the second option) as he has the time to help the girl and then smile at her while the invigilator collects the papers.I mean if you've been a student then you would know how desperately you want to write when the teacher snatches the paper from you.

2.The teacher is collecting papers from the 1st row and notice how when the camera angle changes the students on the other side of the class are writing as cool-ly and calmly as possible.Again,if you've been a student you realise that at this moment you either cheat and ask others for answers or you just write the last bits frantically.

3.In the point 1,if the guy knew nothing wouldn't it make more sense to give her the whole pen instead of a droplet of ink which wouldn't last long anyway.

This is how you kill ads who appear great in the beginning and excessive of it starts to annoy!!


  1. lol. I found this ad cute till now. But my opinions suddenly changed! :P

  2. Lol.I did like it in the beginning too but a bit too much of something makes it plain annoying.
    I am actually unsure wether I should be happy that I changed your view on it or to be sad being a vodafone user myself.Heck,who cares not like they're paying me royalty or something.Screw you Vodafone :p

  3. my first thot wen i saw the ad was... what the hell does she want to write when the stupid exam is almost over... u see.. i never knew enough to stay till the end of the exam :P

  4. I do manage to stay till the end of the exam only to stay and peep around in other peoples' papers for finals bits of marks I can manage.


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