Friday, March 14, 2008


Date : 14/03/2008
Time : 13:20
Location : Okhla Mandi Bus stop,East of kailash,Delhi
Event : A man gets down from the bus plying on route no 433 from the driver's side and starts to walk towards the back of the bus.I am behind a lady who is getting on the bus from the back door.The man walks towards the lady and brushes his hand on her behind,she turns her head around but as he's walking forward and she's got on the bus by now,she ignores.
I am taken aback by this incident.And the worst part is I could have done something but I didn't.I could have yelled or if it had to come to that, resorted to violence.
I don't understand why anyone would do that.Is the male species too desperate for female attention that he resorts to such disgusting acts?Or is it the just the Indian male group which has lowered itself to such sickness?
This is generalizing for sure but I don't see anything wrong in generalizing this right now.
Checking out girls and vice-versa is accepted but this goes to a totally new low.
I know a lot has been said and done about protecting women and increasing security but can there be any change until the common man realizes that what he's doing is wrong and unethical?
I hope many people read this and pass the word around to everyone to stand up to such people and protect ladies around you.


  1. Hmmm yeah. There's a lot worse things done too. And it's not about the men realizing what they're doing is unethical and illegal. It's that there are very few ppl who actually do something abt it; men and women alike. Like u said, you cud hav done sumthing or said sumthing. The lady cud hav got down frm the bus and caught the pervert. But he got away scot free and wud probably repeat this again. So women shud actually be encouraged to stand up for themselves and not take eve teasing as a part of daily life or even worse, as something tht is happening to them coz they deserve it. And ppl shud support the victim and not treat even teasing lightly coz it IS a crime and the man SHUD be jailed

  2. Hey dude, is Mrs.Lunar essence your gf or something?? ahhahahahaha


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