Friday, June 20, 2008

Man's best friend?


It is believed that dog is man's best friend but lately that feeling seems to be dwindling in my head.I mean don't get me wrong I like dogs after my friends made me get used to their licking and snooping around but recently the stray dogs in my lane ONLY have become a major pain.

They keep barking and barking all night.Chase cars and the worst is for people on two wheelers who are also chased and may lose balance too.I don't know who to blame for it?Should the Residential society be blamed for not doing enough?Should the MCD be blamed?Should the residents be blamed?

I am of the opinion that the people are to be blamed.The residents I mean.In the name of a good deed or "Punya" as we call it people feed them every day and every night and in turn these stray dogs stick around in the area and would live on these feedings.I agree that they are living organisms too but what is the point of earning Punya in the name of getting others bitten in exchange!?

I hope the situation improves as the civic amenities don't think its an important issue.


  1. Hello it's not all about Punya like you say. It could just be that those people pity the poor dogs who, more often that not, look like they're starving with their bones on public display. It's called being compassionate for all living things. It's a good thing that they're feeding. I dunno about the problems that the dogs are causing but I don't think people should just stop feeding them. If everyone thinks like that, where would those poor dogs go?

  2. I agree that they should be fed but isn't it being done at the expense of the safety of the residents and especially kids and elderly who can't do anything to shoo them away.My main point is that people feed them not because of humanity but because they find it to be a Punya.

  3. have u guys tried complaining about it? i mean.. that is the only solution here. The dogs will get a home n the problem will be solved

  4. My colony's association is full of corrupt people who only care about filling their pockets and taking advantage of their position in some other way.I doubt that they would do anything and I would be shocked if they don't have numerous complaints already about the stray dog problem.


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