Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weddings - A yawner

"I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury."
-Groucho Marx

“My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God, and I didn't.” -Unknown

I went to a wedding last week.It had been ages since I had been to a wedding, be it for a known relative or any random person getting into this mess which he might be in for the rest of his/her life.
It was my cousin's wedding,who am not so close to anyway but I could not find a way to miss the wedding as my exams were over and I had nothing major(or minor but thats a different story titled "My sucky life") to do to get away.The marriage date was fixed a few hours before the marriage(Yes you heard me right.A few hours!)Well you see my family and people close to my family(especially mom's side) have people who believe in the 18th century traditions of janam patri and other wedding rituals which are annoying to say the least and the priest thought mentioning a date for tomorrow would be a good idea and as it turns out it was implemented.Then started the frenzy of inviting people via phone, ordering for food, looking for banquet hall, buying clothes and other 200million things to be done.Believe it or not,but the groom got his wedding dress only around 6 for the 8pm wedding!
Although everything went fine with the decorations and food and the dress but I don't think holding a wedding on such short notice is a good idea.Continuing with the events of the wedding,we reached when the baraat was going towards the banquet hall.
I actually like the baraats and I guess I had danced in my cousin's marriage too but this time I didn't feel like.I was actually thinking how much money goes into weddings and post wedding functions and even pre wedding functions.
After an unbearable 45-50minute wait for the baraat to enter the banquet hall,which I endured by messaging,it finally entered the premesis.You know who gets the most bored at this time of the proceedings?The groom.All he's doing is either sitting on the horse and looking at how everyone is dancing or sitting in the recent methods of development in the wedding industry,a chariot.Even then he's sitting and looking,although more comfortably as compared to on a horse.
As we went inside the wedding hall,the waiters wearing neat dresses are standing with yummy looking food,which I hungrily gulped down and my stomach seemed to be breathing after that and got selfish for more and I really like my stomach I can't see it wanting more and not getting it so I satisfied it some more.
As the marriage ceremonies continued I kept thinking how bored the bride and the groom would be.Doing nothing but sitting there and giving fake smiles and posing for pictures and accepting money packets,lets keep money packets out of the boring zone.

The best part about marriages?THE BUFFET!You can eat as much as you can and its very rare that I find food at marriages being horribly boring and tasteless.
This was my experience of a recent wedding as I didn't stay for the pheras.
Oh another startling thing would be how many people turned up for the wedding despite the short notice and as per my mom these were just the close relatives.As per my estimate there were 200 people and not less.Apparently,mom's aunty's daughter is a close relative as per my family!!
Comments would be appreciated.Thanks for reading :D


  1. Nice one! Thanks for the comment on my blog, hope you like what I write.

  2. Thanks.I do like what you write :D

  3. The best type of wedding is a Christian one. It's loadsa fun too. I'm either gonna marry a Christian guy or convert before getting married.

    P.S. The dress is the best part.

  4. Its not wrong to marry a non Christian and be one yourself and get married in a church or is it?
    As per my brother, christian marriages are boring because you shell out so much money and all you stay in the church is for maximum 2hours!

  5. Weddings r awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!! U r probbaly a boring person TJ!! Nd the groom and bride arent getting bored man .... its Their Day! They r too dizzy wid excitement. Though i do pity da bride .... desi one nyway .... frigging dress plus jewelry ... killer!

  6. hey true..i feel the is the mostintresting part ..
    and i get a chance to dress..up .too:)

  7. @Anonymous/Afeefa,Yeah I know its hard for the bride with the hundred tonnes of a dress and then jewelery,make up and everything but c'mon think of it from the visitors point of view.What has he got to do where he knows nobody!

    @Unknown,Yeah I know.You don't know anyone and if you do,they are too boring(read annoying!) so you don't have any other option,right?Dressing up is only when you have close relatives ki shaadi.Not just like that!


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