Friday, December 5, 2008

Mumbai "The Spirit stirred for once" : In pictures,videos and links

Mumbai burnt from 26th November till 28th November,2008.The burn marks remain,would they go ever go away for the hostages inside the Taj Hotel,Oberoi Hotel,Cama Hospital.For the taxi drivers in Ville Parle.For baby Moshe.For local train users at CST.For the martyr's families.And more generally,for every concerned human being who witnessed these shocker events unravel be it in person or through media,I don't think so.

The dog was oblivious to the hineous scenes going on in Mumbai.

CST trashed

Taj Mahal Hotel in flames

  • See more pictures on : ArunShanBhag's blog (WARNING : Page takes long to load due to heavy pictures,but they are worth the wait)

What would happen if attacks in Mumbai took place in US?

Yahoo Answers!

Dr.Melissa Clouthier's blog and her views

Articles :

  • New York Think Tanks,Steve Coll mentions his time with the LeT(LeT is the terrorist outfit behind the Mumbai attacks)


  • Mumbai Terror Helpline - The hostage crisis may be over but the injured are still in hospital,they need your support.Check this blog for requirements as and when they arise.

  • India's Peace Campaign - A campaign by the youth to make a change.Join it to give your support in anyway possible.

VIDEO: CNN's take on What India needs to do?

I would like to end on a positive and inspirational note.Watch this fabulous advertisement by Bharti/Airtel.

Bharti advertisement

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