Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looks matter?

I was talking to a girl some weeks back on a chat room where the conversation headed to our relationship statuses and I am committed and I don’t really remember what her status was but one thing that she asked thereafter, startled me. She asked me, ”How does your girlfriend look?”. Frankly speaking this is a very common question and most asked when you tell someone you’re committed but I don’t understand why. Why does it matter how a person looks? Would you only like people who are pretty/handsome and cute and not care about how they are as a person and how they would treat you and how you both would connect (or not) ? Are these things totally immaterial against how HOT the person is? Also here I would like to mention how HOT as an expression sounds totally vulgar as against PRETTY.
This also raises the question about love at first SIGHT, is it possible? Is it realistic? Just by looking at the person for the FIRST time are you able to judge how a person would be? I certainly think this isn’t possible. You cannot know a person completely even if you spend your life with them and here you’re talking how you LOVE a person just by looking at them for the very FIRST time. So stupid!
Although I do agree that all of us who claim that we don’t care about the looks of either ourselves or people we like/love are not totally saying the truth. We all care about it but would never agree that we do. We all have our phases of how we think we’re not pretty/handsome/cute/*other synonyms here* and those who don’t are either lying or are blondes. (Yes I don’t like blondes much!)
Also isn’t it possible that one person may not be cute in your view but might just be the cutest person alive in others’ view after all you know what they say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
That’s all I have to say.
Until the next thought in my head, Ciao.
Oh as always, comments are appreciated.


  1. Even though it's hard to admit, but everyone judges the looks at some point or the other. You might be determined to see the person as he/she really is; beyond the physical aspect but sometimes their looks do cloud your judgment. It happens. It's not right but it does happen. But obviously nothing is more important than personality. You definitely can't hold onto your looks forever, and if someone loves you just because you look great; it's very sad. And even if everyone else thinks your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't good looking; if you're truly in love with him/her and vice versa, then each would think the other is the most beautiful person in the world.

  2. very well said stargazer,thats what i love about you :)

  3. it ll be wrong to say dat looks dun matter. looks do matter but wen v get to knw each other..priorities change n dat ofcoz depends on wht ur priorities are !

  4. looks do matter but i dont believe in this love at first sight theory. Its just stupid

  5. Exactly ash,I don't really understand the concept and idea of love at first sight either.Maybe the vaguest thing possible.(I think..)

  6. u know... there was this guy i was mad about. Only because he was good lookin. But wen i spoke to him, omg!!! I wanted to kill myself. He was sooo dumb!! So no more love at first sight for me

  7. Yeah well you now realise why looks don't matter!


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