Monday, December 31, 2007


This post is long overdue because I had to show my gf this tattoo and now that she's seen it and am not that lazy anymore,this post is possible.
OK I had always wanted to get a tattoo and I had set a deadline for end November,2007 but that didn't materialize courtesy the friend who I wouldn't like to name because he's wanted for crimes under blah blah section of Indian NO law code and my blog has a lot of readership mainly in India and even the police read my blogs because I know plenty of criminals.OK enough rambling.
So now after researching about tattoo artists in and around Delhi from friends and web,I picked two artists who were good and then picked the one in Vasant Vihar,Priya,Basant lok complex.Devilz Tattooz.
15 December,2006
The day I get my tattoo.Reached there around 2ish after confirming with Nonu that he's coming too,mainly for emotional meeting the artist,Lokesh,who also had tattoos to show off on his arms which weren't totally revealing but I had seen them on his website.Which makes me think,do dentists also wear dentures or braces,or opticians wear spectacles,or something like that,which is anyway beside the point or normalcy for that matter.After spending another 10-15minutes looking at designs which he had made previously along with other potential designs.I settled upon a design which is the roman symbol of peace and looks fundoo too as it has not only outlining but shading which makes it even sexier.Also,I had decided where I would like to get a tattoo which would be my right arm,so we decided upon the design based on that along with the money constraints.
After waiting for not more than 5minutes and Nonu reading the newspaper and telling me not to be ridiculous and spending money on something like that and instead buying him earphones which he wants so desperately!He came out with the sticker and took us to the room where he works.
It was a small room with A/C and a laptop along with necessary drawers full of equipment.The most important aspect of the room were the blinds and a bean chair for Nonu to sit and while away his "vela" time,which he otherwise would have spent at home either playing alone or by sitting at home doing nothing.Yeah he is another particle of the lazy generation of Modernites.Yeah about the blinds,since it was to be done on my right arm on the upper side,the blinds had to be shut off or the saloon would have lost some serious customers considering they would have had to see 70kgs of fat filled body sitting on the chair! LOL.
After he started working on the tattoo,it was ok in the beginning as he would work the needle for a bit and then stop for some seconds and by then my body would have overcome the pain.But after the shading started it started getting unbearable because the needle would be dragged on for some consecutive seconds which made me hold the chair tight on the armrest to get some strength,I know weird logic but it worked,to some extent.The guy had to tell me like 2-3 times to stop moving.Only respite was the music which although was worldspace and it was Top 40 and I hadn't heard many of the songs,but music is soothing.My favourite quote of the whole experience was,
Lokesh : You see this red red thing?
Me : *looks at the red,I know its blood coz I saw it trickle down*Yeah
(Now i was expecting him to say its blood and it'll be fine in a bit,but..)
Lokesh : This is going to turn grey in a few days
Me : *now confused and dumbfound considering that wasn't the response I was hoping for,but never-the-less didn't want to sound dumb* Oh cool.
Now I only have to take care of it,which is like part of the process.
Things to be kept in mind for other people who might get a tattoo in the future and for people who search for this info on search engines.
1.Applying olive oil for a minimum of 3 weeks.
2.Not applying soap for 2weeks.
3.Keeping away from water for 2 weeks too,with pats of water once a day.
4.No direct exposure to sunlight for some 3-4 weeks.
5.Visit to tattoo artist after 2weeks.
Now admire my tattoo for which I have bore so much pain along with spent money on it and then had to face the wrath of my family who questioned my lifestyle and logic behind getting the tattoo.

my tattoo

my tattoo

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  1. Seriously, I so wanna get a tattoo but am never gonna get one 'cause I'm a scaredy cat and YOU scared me off! And wow you're favourite quote was awesome. Oh cool. It's so cool that my blood is gonna turn GREY! Nothing abnormal in that at all! You gave those after tattoo instructions so nicely. People might actually think you followed them yourself. And seriously you need English lessons! Standed boy!

  2. I did follow the instructions for tattoo care only not right after the tattoo but in like 5-10days after it.Also,I would like to request Mr/Mrs/Ms Lunar Essence to highlight my grammatical errors in the given blog for future reference.Thanks.

  3. Oh you want me to highlight them, do ya? Well alright then. And that's MRS. Lunar Essence to you.

    OK,I had long wanted to get a tattoo and had been planning and wanted to get it at the end of November -> wrong sentence structure.

    After meeting the artist,Lokesh,who also had tattoos to show off on his arms. -> That's it? That's the sentence?

    do dentists also wear dentures or braces,or opticians wearing spectacles, don't you mean opticians wear spectacles?

    After spending another 10-15minutes in looking at designs which he has made previously along with maybe designs found after research. -> The "in" shouldn't be there. "which he haD made previously", with maybe designs? what's that supposed to mean? shouldn't that be "with potential designs?"

    I set upon a design -> I settled upon/selected.

    Also,I had decided where I would like to get a tattoo too ->Also and too indicating the same thing? Do they even teach you basic grammar in your village?

    Ok I'm already tired. Maybe you can make a contest out of it where readers can look for the remaining grammatical errors. Don't have prizes for each error found though. You'll become bankrupt giving out prizes :P I didn't even include the punctuation errors. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks,MRS.Lunar Essence for taking out time in pointing at the mistakes I made.I would correct them right away.

  5. I was talking abt the redness which u can see in the pic...not the blood.....dumbo.
    Howz the tattoo now newyz?


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