Monday, December 17, 2007

awesome awesome ad

Nowadays am in love with the new airtel ad which is out.The one with two kids on a border and being united with the link of football.I mean two things just make me love an ad or a movie or any creation,if it is about football and/or its about peace in the world and this thing had both.Its very heart warming to see how two kids unknown to each others language just understand the meaning via the language of football.Also another beautiful aspect is when one kid helps the other when his tshirt gets tangled in the barbed wire.And the words that come thereafter mixed with a great jingle by a.r.rahman "THERES NO WALL,NO BARRIER ONLY IF WE TALK TO EACH OTHER" just are superb.I hope you enjoy and love it too.


  1. OMG yeah I sooo LOVE this ad! Whenever it comes on T.V. I always go awwwwwww. What a brilliant concept! Whoever came up with this one is such a genius seriously! And I think it's the India-Pakistan border which makes it all the more sweet coz the kids aren't prejudiced or suspicious. They're just out to have some fun.

  2. I am pretty sure its not India-Pakistan border bcoz the languages spoken on the border side of india and pakistan is either hindi or urdu.I think its somewhere in the middle east.

  3. The langauge is a dialect of French used by moroccans. The ad is also shot in morocco.
    See here


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