Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Not a happening day.
Only thing I'd like to mention is that WHY THE FUCK IS BUS NO 413 SO FUCKIN CROWDED??I mean WHY is there so less number of buses for the ones that I use.First it was 433 and now this!! I mean why the hell!!! Why can't there be more number of it?People get on it like crazy and there is no fuckin space(yeah imagine you cant fuck your gf/wife/mistress/other imaginations that you may possess*rolls eyes*),screw fuck, you don't even get standing space let alone sitting space.The only thing I can do while standing there hanging like am practicing for some weird dancing moves is listen to my ipod and look at the nice cute girls who enter the bus,but unfortunately i've been deprived of that courtesy my college friends who show up on that same bus and stand on the rear side of the bus and all the girls get on from the front door so don't get the view and courtesy another guy,who is like obsessed with listening to my ipod doesn't let go of it and I don't like to share my ipod even if its like one earpiece but still.
Thats it for today.

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