Saturday, December 1, 2007


So here I am,using my pc for update this time around because I'm presuming its fixed now as it hasn't shut down on itself YET *fingers crossed*
Its 15:46(3:46pm for all people unaware of millitary time conversions) and I'm done with football and lunch.
OK about football.We lost 9-0.Yeah you saw it right.9 zilch!!*insert other translations of zero here*it was fun to play but only problem WE DINT GET THE F-IN BALL.the times we did,we would always be great generous people and give it back to our opponents who were all blacks,dunno where they hail from??The full field isnt that long,at least for me,to run ie coz I DIDN'T RUN its long for passing it over the other teams' players.We lacked discipline and skill to be out there on the pitch to win.they were good in running,passing,skills which turns out to be the whole friggin game!!
We did create two chances for goals though.One was good passing from me and another guy but then there wasn't much skill in the striker and another was the other teams' goalkeepers mistake who gave the ball right in front to our player who well took a shoot from there and *insert suspense music here* and it went above the goal.
After the game got over I found my team to be more happy and cheerful than the team who won,courtesy making jokes about their accent and also that some guys could now smoke.I think its like oxygen for them!
We got to see the team we're due to play tomorrow too.The goalkeeper and their striker are known to me and they're good players.This striker can actually juggle a basketball on his foot.*insert ooh aah-s here..not erotic ones but shocked and amazed types*
Now its 16:02(4:02pm) and we were to practice at 4 and i don't see anyone coming for it.NOT shocking at all!
I've got tuition @ 7.30 and have to get a tattoo for myself but don't think I've got money (or plan to ask mom for it) or that much time for it.So would just laze around or would study (YEAH STUDY).Would write later if i find something worthy of mention aka blabber worthy!
Also,on the occasion of WORLD AIDS DAY I would request all careless fuckers to be sensible and use protection.Even to the shy guys out there who can't go to their chemist shop and buy one.Jeez people,its not a taboo.Its the need of the hour.Also,do not use infected pins and syringes.Have a test before marriage,its not one person along whose gonna suffer but two people and their families thereafter.So,be wise.
UPDATE @ 12:33amYeah,about the return of the dancing diva of the 90's,the dhak dhak girl,the lady who can make a 90yr old get horny*sincere apologies to the readers and the person himself,BAH who*MADHURI DIXIT with her return in Aaja Nachle.I don't understand why and how there are always controversies around big banner productions or movies with great cast.This time its in the lyrics of the title song and objections raised has made the movie being banned in UP.It is like making a mountain out of a mole hill.god.Just checked the ban's been lifted after apologies from lyricist and yash raj camp.Is it not freedom of expression is what i ask?

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