Friday, November 30, 2007


Hi.I would like to welcome all the users to my new and swanky blogger.After a lot of painful(psychologically,ofcourse) days spent thinking about the name for this new blog,thanks to the huge amount of users(and dead blog names) and I finally got this one,thanks to Parinita Shetty ( I hope I get royalty for advertising her
The name of the blog means THE REPORTER,le being french for THE.
I would write all the blah blah I like to comment upon from mentioning something about my city(DELHI) to sports to stuff on TV or any other blah blah I find which is worth the mention.
I would try to keep the blog as updated as possible but due to time constraints and other unavoidable reasons(family blah blah i mean)I might not be able to achieve that but would give it my best shot.
Keep checking back and ask your friends to read too.(yeah if you do that,I might mention your blog name
Goodnight for now.
PEACE AT 02:02am.

1 comment:

  1. Le-chronicle is supposed to mean the report, chronicleR means reporter. You're welcome BTW. I'm all clever like that. Wow bribing people to promote your blog *rolls eyes*


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