Friday, November 30, 2007

A bit of THIS and THAT

It was not an eventful day to start the blog with but might as well keep updating this as often as possible.
The only thing worth mentioning would be that there are like so many marriages in the city that the traffic was so so much that you would actually be able to take a nap(if you can withstand the constant honking and yelling) and still would find yourself in the same place.Courtesy the traffic there were like 3 traffic signals under pressure because the traffic wasnt moving as compared to the amount of vehicles coming from behind.
Also,I saw a guy riding a horse in the market which made me think,can he be challaned if he crosses a traffic signal,and there are so many traffic laws he violates including not having a number plate(a horse having a number plate would be some sight!!) and then not giving indications on a turn etc.Although he cannot be booked for speeding or honking 100metres from the traffic
I made cheese n bread for me,after almost burning myself by being distracted while talking on the phone and then cake and vanilla ice cream but that was ok,not that great.I got a footie match in the morning so got shin guards and knee length socks,I wanna try them on after am done blabbering here and promoting this blog on orkut,facebook,msn messenger and yahoo few places but its worth it.
Ishq Vishq comin,I have new found liking for shahid kapoor after jab we met.He looks cute,yeah he does!!
ok until tomorrow this is me signin off.Would let everyone know about my 1st full field match experience,which is going to be horrific I know.Yeah optimism!lol
PEACE @ 23:42

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  1. Riding a horse in the midst of heavy traffic. Wow, I SO wanna do that! Yeah, I agree Shahid does look cute! How can you admit to his cuteness and not Ranbir's hotness?! And wow, nice to see you're learning "optimism" from me.


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